• DEC10

    GODZILLA teaser poster debuts online

    Download the new GODZILLA one-sheet teaser posterHot off this morning's release of the new GODZILLA teaser trailer, Legendary Pictures has unveiled the new GODZILLA teaser one-sheet poster design for the film. Combining the HALO combat jump into the swath of destruction Godzilla is wreaking upon San Francisco as seen in the trailer, this new poster effectively illustrates the epic scale of Gareth Edwards' serious, darker tone take on the creature feature, harkening back much more to the original 1954 Toho film. Get the poster.

  • DEC10

    Watch the new GODZILLA teaser trailer

    The new GODZILLA trailer is now online at
    Watch the new GODZILLA teaser trailer

  • DEC09

    GODZILLA viral site hacks first trailer

    New GODZILLA viral website hacks into first trailerThe past day has seen a sudden fury of activity leading up to this Tuesday's online release of the first GODZILLA trailer, cued up by the appearance of a viral marketing website called Upon arrival at this website, users gain access to a top security M.U.T.O. computer terminal and are subtly encouraged to hack the site to gain access to more classified documents: so far, the game has unlocked five (and counting) hidden video files that offer distorted glimpses of what are sure to be scenes from the official GODZILLA trailer. Read more.

  • NOV07


    Read FilmEdge's review of THOR: THE DARK WORLDWith Phase Two of Marvel's master movie plan well under way, each new film installment like IRON MAN 3 or this week's THOR sequel has two missions: make a Mjolnir-load of money at the box office and unlock one new piece to the larger franchise's mega-plot. THOR: THE DARK WORLD succeeds with both tasks even if Loki tends to steal Thor's thunder — or is it because of this? Read FilmEdge's complete review of THOR: THE DARK WORLD now online.

  • OCT24

    Watch new CAPTAIN AMERICA trailer

    Watch the new CAPTAIN AMERICA trailerThis morning the new CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER trailer debuted exclusively on iTunes, providing our first good look at Robert Redford's character, Alexander Pierce. There's plenty o new action scenes with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) as Cap (Chris Evans) fights off assassins to uncover a plot that threatens the world. You can also download the new one-sheet poster design for the film in a high-resolution file. Watch the trailer now.

  • SEPT09


    FilmEdge reviews STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS 2-disc Blu-ray/DVD combo packOn September 10th, director J.J. Abrams' hit franchise sequel STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS beams onto 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD after an early digital download release on August 20th. The mysterious, seemingly malevolent John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch) stands at the heart of an attack on the Federation's most secret facility in London, but he's not the only foe that Kirk (Chris Pine) and Spock (Zachary Quinto) must face as they take command of the Enterprise in this enjoyable sequel. Read our full Blu-ray review.

  • AUG22

    STAR TREK live tweet with J.J. Abrams

    Join J.J. Abrams in a live tweet STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS event tonightTo celebrate the digital release of STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS now available for download, you can join director J.J. Abrams in a live Tweet Along event tonight. Join Director J.J. Abrams, Co-Producer/Writer Roberto Orci and Visual Effects Supervisor Roger Guyett in a LIVE Tweet Along celebrating the digital release of the global sensation, STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS. Fans around the world can explore the final frontier by watching and tweeting tonight at 7:30 pm PST/10:30 PM EST. Read all the event details at FilmEdge.

  • AUG21

    Help the Wookiee Walk: an Appeal to Fans

    Help Peter Mayhew via Kickstarter and let the Wookiee walk againChewbacca fans (and aren't we all?), please take a minute to look over this Kickstarter campaign, Standing in the Stars, to help out actor Peter Mayhew in his upcoming double knee-replacement surgery and fund a simultaneous documentary. This film would document Peter's surgery and recovery/rehab period after the operations, with the ultimate goal of seeing Peter walk again and live with much less pain. Read about how you can help the Wookiee win.

  • AUG21

    Kenobi/Palpatine Episode VII rumors on Palpatine, Kenobi and film delay Episode VII rumorsIt's been a busy week on TheStarWarsSaga homestead and a slow week for actual hard STAR WARS news, so it's time to address the one-two-three punch of rampant rumors regarding EPISODE VII casting… specifically the source-thin web traffic about Ewan McGregor and Ian McDiarmid reprising their roles in the upcoming new film. Given that Lucasfilm has yet to even confirm if EPISODE VII is even close to finishing pre-production let alone starting production filming, both the film industry and fan galaxy are adrift in the STAR WARS news doldrums and speculation is running particularly rampant. sorts out the facts from the bantha biscuits in their latest article.

  • AUG12

    No STAR WARS news from D23 Expo

    Disney declines to flex Star Wars muscle at D23 ExpoDespite what fans and followers expected and predicted, Disney declined to seize their first opportunity to show off their newly-acquired STAR WARS brand and shared little if any actual news to attendees at the D23 Expo this weekend. From nearly the opening moments, Disney CEO Bob Iger practically squelched all hope that any STAR WARS news would issue forth from the Expo, and Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn couldn't do more than confirm EPISODE VII would arrive in theaters for Summer 2015. summarizes what little STAR WARS was seen and shared at D23 with our own analysis of why we didn't learn more.

  • AUG08

    FilmEdge reviews Disney's PLANES reviews Disney's PLANESThis Friday, Disney's PLANES wings into theaters with a familiar but family-friendly tale told in the clouds above the world of CARS and with similar results. This underdog story of a cropduster yearning to compete in a globe-spanning air race is accessibly simple for young viewers to latch onto while the aerobatic visuals occasionally lift PLANES above being a mere remake with vehicular substitution. PLANES got an upgrade from direct-to-DVD release and its plot simplicity shows the difference from Disney/Pixar first class efforts, even if director Klay Hall's lofty visual style makes good use of its aerial settings in a way CARS never could. Read our full review.

  • AUG08

    'Orange Harvest' hints drop at D23 Expo

    Disney drops STAR WARS theme park hints with Orange Harvest at D23Early press arrivals at D23 Expo like have sensed an intriguing disturbance in the Force on the convention floor in the shape of several curious crates marked "Orange Harvest" that are clearly STAR WARS-related. As devoted fans well know, "Blue Harvest" was the production code name used in 1983 during location filming of RETURN OF THE JEDI, so this callback to that clue with Orange Harvest is unmistakable, especially with the tag line "Speculation Beyond Imagination" referencing JEDI yet again. But why Orange, you may well ask? Read more.

  • AUG07

    Star Wars Celebration 2015 ticket on sale

    Ticket packages on sale now for Star Wars Celebration 2015 in AnaheimAt 7:00am PT, tickets to Star Wars Celebration 2015 in Anaheim, California went on sale at

    Both the VIP Jedi Master and Jedi Knight packages were sold out within the first five minutes! Good news: 4-day passes and single day passes will still get you into 99% of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim and are still available for purchase at the website. Click here for ticket buying links and info.

  • AUG03

    New STAR WARS Blu-ray/DVD box sets

    New STAR WARS Trilogy Blu-ray/DVD box sets coming October is awaiting an official press release or confirmation on this news, but now lists pre-order information for new STAR WARS Blu-ray/DVD combo box sets for the Prequel and Original Trilogies to blast into your home theaters on October 8th. Details are still few and unconfirmed, but so far Amazon lists only Blu-ray bonus features including "Audio Commentary for Each Movie with George Lucas and Crew" and "Never-Before-Released Audio Commentary for Each Movie from Archival Interviews with Cast and Crew" which seems only slightly different than the previously released Blu-ray box set from 2011. Read more and view hi-res box set cover art at

  • JULY31

    EPISODE VII to begin filming in August?

    Rumor control: is STAR WARS EPISODE VII filming this August?There are definitely some strange aspects to this rumor mixed in with fairly logical details that could easily be true, so it's tough to categorize this one beyond the category of "possible." Earlier today a rumor surfaced that STAR WARS: EPISODE VII has apparently booked stage and facility space at Pinewood Studios just outside of London under a somewhat suspicious fake production pseudonym. Is this a blend of facts and unfounded rumor, or is it a true disguise name for EPISODE VII to start filming in London next month? Read more at our STAR WARS site.

  • JULY31

    Star Wars Celebration Europe event recap

    Star Wars Celebration Europe event recap and videosOur sister site summarizes this past weekend's Star Wars Celebration Europe event with an article gleaning the Top 5 list of What Fans Need to Know from the convention. Also be sure to watch video interviews with Carrie Fisher, Anthony Daniels, Ian McDiarmid, the Five Fetts, STAR WARS REBELS exec producer Dave Filoni, and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy who announced the return of STAR WARS composer John Williams to score EPISODE VII. Check out's complete CEII coverage.

  • JULY28

    Star Wars Celebration Europe video recap

    Star Wars Celebration Europe video presents the official Lucasfilm sizzle reel highlights of Star Wars Celebration Europe which concluded this weekend in Essen, Germany. See many of the attending stars Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Ian McDiarmid and Warwick Davis along with STAR WARS production notables including Kathleen Kennedy and Dave Filoni … plus just a few of the 20,000 fans from 40 countries participating in this huge event. This just might hold you over until Star Wars Celebration VII is held April 16-19, 2015 in Anaheim, California. will see you there!

  • JULY28

    Star Wars Celebration 2015 in Anaheim

    Star Wars Celebration 2015 returns to Anaheim, CAAs Star Wars Celebration Europe wrapped up today in Essen, Germany, it was officially announced that the next Star Wars Celebration will be held in Anaheim, California from April 16-19 2015. Tickets for Celebration VII are schedule to go on sale August 7, 2013 at 7am PT/10am ET as listed at

  • JULY22

    GODZILLA panel video and poster

    Watch Comic-Con GODZILLA panel and get posterDirector Gareth Edwards had some very encouraging comments about his GODZILLA film at the Comic-Con panel this weekend, though the video is worth watching for Bryan Cranston alone, who should help push this film over the top with his performance, great sense of humor and personality — oh, he's been a Godzilla fan since he was a kid, too. Watch the entire GODZILLA panel discussion (minus the secret film clip of course) and download the Comic-Con reveal teaser poster for the film.

  • JULY20

    Marvel photo gallery from Comic-Con

    Marvel Studios photo gallery from Comic-Con 2013Just released from Marvel Studios tonight, their official photo gallery from the Marvel panel at Comic-Con 2013, including cast and crew from GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, THOR: THE DARK WORLD and CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER. Check out the special appearance by Loki himself, actor Tom Hiddleston, commanding the allegiance of the convention fans.

  • JULY20

    AVENGERS 2 title + logos at Comic-Con

    Marvel reveals AVENGERS 2 title plus other logo and concept art at Comic-ConToday at Comic-Con, Marvel Studios revealed plenty of new logo and concept art for upcoming films, including the title of their highly anticipated sequel: AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON. Also included is a nifty concept piece showing five members of the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, and a poster concept for THOR: THE DARK WORLD, and logo and concept art for CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER. Sample all of today's releases and view hi-res images of all logos and concept art in our blog article.

  • JULY18

    STAR TREK Blu-ray/3D cover art

    STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Blu-ray/DVD cover art revealedAs FilmEdge reported earlier, Paramount beams their hit sequel STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS onto 3D Blu-ray/Blu-ray/DVD/On Demand on September 10th, also available in digital format on August 20th.

    FilmEdge now has the official Blu-ray/DVD cover art to view in high-resolution images, along with our previous listing of bonus features listings for Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D and DVD editions. Seven new making-of featurettes are included for more behind-the-scenes thrills.

  • JULY14

    GODZILLA director's Comic-Con video

    Watch Comic-Con video from GODZILLA director Gareth EdwardsEarlier today Legendary posted a new video by GODZILLA director Gareth Edwards aimed at Comic-Con fans, just as the film's viral site implies that something big is headed toward San Diego in their latest update. Edwards' message from the GODZILLA set as principal photography nears a wrap points fans to Legendary's viral website for a new update about an 'oceanic anomaly" that's due to hit San Diego later this week, just in time for Comic-Con to gear up and feature Legendary's presentation next Saturday.

  • JULY13

    Review: monster masher PACIFIC RIM

    FilmEdge reviews PACIFIC RIMCo-writer and director Guillermo del Toro's passion for classic japanese monster movies — the kaiju genre to serious devotees — translates well into his upscaled edition of the same, PACIFIC RIM. Audiences primed by its many trailers and TV spots to witness some towering fights between unworldly behemoths from the ocean depths and human-built giant mechanical defenders will get exactly that but not a great deal more. Read FilmEdge's full review of PACIFIC RIM online now.

  • THRU2019

    New STAR WARS: EPISODE VII website begins covering STAR WARS: EPISODE VII at begins our multi-year coverage of the new STAR WARS films starting with EPISODE VII, directed by J.J. Abrams and starting production in January 2014. EPISODE VII will be the first in an all-new sequel trilogy in George Lucas' continuing STAR WARS Saga. Disney and Lucasfilm will also produce two new stand-alone films based on popular STAR WARS characters in their own spinoff adventures. To get the latest breaking movie news, casting announcements, photos, trailers and more, subscribe to our new website, now online.

  • JULY10

    STAR TREK sequel on Blu-ray/DVD 9/10

    STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS arrives on Blu-ray and DVD September 10thParamount has beamed info of the home video release for their hit sequel STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, which arrives on Blu-ray/DVD/On Demand on September 10th, and will be available in digital format on August 20th.

    FilmEdge has complete disc details and bonus feature listings for Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D and DVD editions, with seven new making-of featurettes including behind-the-scenes glimpses into the attack on Starfleet Headquarters, the thrilling space jump sequence, the climactic action fight between Spock and the villain and much more.

  • JULY09

    CAPTAIN AMERICA teaser poster reveal

    Download the new CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER teaser posterJust released by Disney/Marvel this morning, here's the teaser poster for CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINDER SOLDIER available for hi-res download.

    CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER will pick-up where MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS left off, as Steve Rogers struggles to embrace his role in the modern world and teams up with Natasha Romanoff, a.k.a. Black Widow, to battle a powerful yet shadowy enemy in present-day Washington, D.C. The Marvel sequel opens in theaters April 4, 2014.

  • JULY09

    STAR WARS storms into D23 Expo

    Star Wars storms into D23 Expo this August Thanks to Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm last year, the STAR WARS franchise will make its debut at the D23 fan expo this August and it could be the launching pad of some interesting EPISODE VII-related news if both companies decide to create headlines. If Disney/Lucasfilm are going to make headlines about announcing EPISODE VII cast members like returning veterans Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher or Harrison Ford (for instance), naturally they would break the news on their terms and in their own Anaheim spotlight.

  • JULY02

    Review: Disney's THE LONE RANGER reviews THE LONE RANGER Johnny Depp teams up with director Gore Verbinski once again, recruiting Armie Hammer to join their galloping voyage across the wild west in THE LONE RANGER, Disney's quirky, sometimes quite surprising take on the venerable western icon hero of TV and radio fame. Their retelling of the Ranger's story tinkers with historical accuracy to forge a larger film legend more suited for the competitive summer box office battles. A much-needed tightening of the story's gun belt would save THE LONE RANGER from its overblown action finale. Read FilmEdge's full review online now.

  • JUNE26

    STAR WARS Land a $200M expansion?

    Star Wars Land in Orlando to be a $200 million expansion at Disney's Hollywood Studios? Breaking news today that the unconfirmed STAR WARS expansion project at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando might be one of the largest theme park investments that Disney has initiated in years, possibly exceeding $200 million or more. first reported on this story June 13th after a knowledgeable source confirmed that designs were in development for such a STAR WARS-based expansion, though there has been no official confirmation yet from Disney that this project will proceed and actually be built in the Florida theme park. Read our full analysis of this news at

  • JUNE25

    Lucas wedding significant for STAR WARS speculates on what George Lucas' marriage will mean to the new STAR WARS filmsThis past Saturday STAR WARS creator George Lucas and DreamWorks Animation SKG board chairman Mellody Hobson began a new life together as husband and wife. The happy couple were married in a ceremony officiated by journalist and writer Bill Moyer. The wedding ceremony held in Marin County, California — home to Lucas' Skywalker Ranch. wishes George and Mellody all the best in their marriage and speculates on how his new life might shape the future of the new STAR WARS films. Read the feature article.

  • JUNE19

    STAR WARS EPISODE VII casting call confirms casting breakdown list for STAR WARS: EPISODE VII is genuine has independently confirmed that the brief casting breakdown sweeping around the internet today is genuine and related to pre-production character casting for STAR WARS: EPISODE VII now underway in London, England. The websbit Bleeding Cool insists they have "100% confirmed" these casting details as legitimate and real, unlike the very dubious casting rumor that blasted around the net and that we shot down as a fake last week. Read the character descriptions from the casting breakdown on

  • JUNE13

    STAR WARS Land gets Orlando go ahead

    Read about plans for Star Wars Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios park in Orlando Two reputable internet outlets report that park planners for Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando are moving ahead on large scale expansion project that could include a Star Wars Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park in Orlando, Florida. can now confirm via our knowledgeable independent source that the proposed Star Wars Land project is a reality for WDW as described in our feature article.

  • JUNE11

    EPISODE VII plot rumors are rampant

    Read STAR WARS Episode VII plot rumorsThe internet hunger for information about STAR WARS: EPISODE VII seems pretty ravenous already if today is any judge, but so far sees nothing but bland morsels of speculation without much nutritional value of truth behind them. Our article below may delve into spoiler areas (but only if the rumors turn out to be true… odds against it right now), so feel free to skip this entry if it's your aim to stay spoiler-free until 2015 — check out some of our other stories to get your STAR WARS fix, please. Read the full story on

  • JUNE11

    Course of the Force video episode 2

    Watch video episode 2 of Course of the ForceThe second video episode promoting the Course of the Force charity run is now playing at the Nerdist Channel on YouTube as comedian Kyle Kinane enters a wretched hive of scum and villainy (aka a dive bar in Hollywood) in search of the event's commemorative lightsaber stolen in Episode 1. Seeking clues to the lightsaber's theft, Kinane stumbles onto a pair of dueling Han Solo impersonators (Kumail Nanjiani and Seth Green) who mistake Kyle as a casting agent for STAR WARS: EPISODE VII. A lot of humorously bad line readings and movie references ensue in typical Nerdist fashion. As before, watch, enjoy and do consider giving generously to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation® as part of the Course of the Force campaign to grant wishes to seriously ill children.

  • JUNE10

    EPISODE VII action begins January 2014

    Production on STAR WARS EPISODE VII begins in January 2014While director J.J. Abrams was expectedly tight-lipped about plots and plans for the future of STAR WARS at this weekend's Produced By Conference media conclave hosted by 20th Century Fox, we learned that the director's travel plans likely revealed a start date for EPISODE VII's production. "We are, most likely, if all goes as planned, going to be moving to London at the end of the year for the 'Star Wars' movie," stated Abrams at the industry event. Read the full story at

  • JUNE20

    Review: MONSTERS UNIVERSITY reviews MONSTERS UNIVERSITYTurning back time to see the friendship of Mike and Sulley blossom against the odds, Pixar's prequel story MONSTERS UNIVERSITY certainly passes the test of light summer entertainment but doesn't really advance or deepen this continuing tale — not that this will matter much to family audiences just seeking some fun. MONSTERS UNIVERSITY gets an A in animation, scenic design and technical wizardry as expected, but their choice of a prequelized plot costs the film a few good marks by not finding a more ingenious, original way to revisit Mike and Sulley: The Early Years.

  • MAY12

    Guillermo del Toro talks PACIFIC RIM

    PACIFIC RIM influences interview with Guillermo del ToroShot the LA Times Hero Complex Film Festival 2013, this FilmEdge video segment features director Guillermo del Toro revealing how his youth in Mexico was heavily influenced by Japanese pop culture. Inspired by these imported live action and animated shows, del Toro was already designing his own giant robots with some hilarious internal features that are pure Guillermo touches. The filmmaker also describes how even his wife and daughters enjoy their own unique 'attractions' to giant robots.

  • MAY09

    CAVEGIRL gets remastered DVD release

    1980s cult comedy CAVEGIRL gets new DVD releaseProlific film and TV actor Daniel Roebuck (JOHN DIES AT THE END, THE FUGITIVE) has given FilmEdge the exclusive scoop on a pet project of his: the DVD revival of his first feature film, CAVEGIRL, due later this year from Code Red DVD. The 1985 teen comedy is getting treated like a gem thanks to Roebuck, who is creating several new bonus features for the DVD including an all-new documentary on the production, a cast audio commentary and more. Read the DVD press release and see cast photos.

  • OCT01

    HITCHCOCK Blu-ray Collection preview

    FilmEdge previews ALFRED HITCHCOCK: THE MASTERPIECE COLLECTION on Blu-rayOctober is the perfect month for thrills and chills from the Master of Suspense as Universal Studios Home Entertainment releases ALFRED HITCHCOCK: THE MASTERPIECE COLLECTION containing over a dozen of Hitchcock's classic films never before available on high-definition Blu-ray disc before! Fifteen of the director's greatest suspense films are accompanied by over fifteen hours of bonus features headlined by an all-new documentary on one of Hitch's most terrifying tales, THE BIRDS. Get complete disc details and pre-order this collection today.

  • SEPT18

    HALLOWEEN II and III reviews

    FilmEdge reviews HALLOWEEN II Collector's Edition FilmEdge.Net reviews two new releases just in time for the scary season: HALLOWEEN II and HALLOWEEN III Collector's Editions just out from Shout! Factory. Two new making-of documentaries add value to these newly minted Blu-ray and DVD releases, continuing the frightening horror franchise with the return of Michael Myers and a devilish plot to start an ancient sacrifice ritual via booby trapped Halloween masks. Check out FilmEdge's reviews of HALLOWEEN II and HALLOWEEN III now online.

  • SEPT16

    INDIANA JONES Blu-ray box set review

    FilmEdge reviews INDIANA JONES: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION on Blu-ray FilmEdge.Net reviews the long-awaited INDIANA JONES: THE COMPLETE ADVENTURES four-movie box set arriving on Blu-ray September 18th. Read disc-by-disc reviews of each feature film including some superb HD transfers of the three INDY classic adventures, plus the excellent new making-of RAIDERS documentary featuring rare and never-seen footage shot on location and sets during the making of Steven Spielberg's classic action film.

  • AUG12

    JAWS is stunning in Blu-ray HD debut

    FilmEdge reviews JAWS on Blu-rayThis is the version of JAWS you've been waiting for since the summer blockbuster filled movie theaters with fear in 1975. As part of Universal's 100th Anniversary celebration, this expertly restored high-definition release of JAWS on Blu-ray is a crowning jewel in the studio's efforts to re-release the best its vaults have to offer. Viewing the film in crisp, clear, color balanced HD with a viscerally dynamic new 7.1 sound mix, fans old and new will immediately realize (or remember) why Steven Spielberg's shark-hunting tale is a cinematic classic for the ages. JAWS is film restoration done right and presented at a very affordable price so all can be enthralled by this suspenseful voyage into humanity's most primal fear and back again.

  • AUG07

    INDIANA JONES Blu-ray disc details

    FilmEdge previews disc-by-disc details of INDIANA JONES: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION on Blu-ray FilmEdge.Net has the official disc-by-disc specs for INDIANA JONES: THE COMPLETE ADVENTURES four-movie box set arriving on Blu-ray September 18th.

    Read details about feature film specs for each Indy adventure, a fifth disc of bonus features containing a new hour-long, two-part documentary On Set with Raiders of the Lost Ark plus previous HD featurettes, followed by our comments on what's missing in this set.

  • AUG05

    Review: STAR WARS SAGA in 60 Minutes

    FilmEdge reviews STAR WARS SAGA IN 60 MINUTES I spent Sunday afternoon in a very time-compressed galaxy far, far away (if you count Beverly Hills as another galaxy) to see STAR WARS SAGA IN 60 MINUTES, the prequel-expanded edition of the previous live play hit STAR WARS IN 30 MINUTES. As the title might imply, these comedic Jedi Knights and Sith Lords (and Ladies) have double their efforts to please the Emperor and audiences by playing out all six STAR WARS films in one hour! The results are hilarious, more so the more you know and love (or tolerate, prequel-wise) the STAR WARS Saga. Read our full review.

  • AUG03

    BEAST WISHES: Monstrously good doc

    FilmEdge reviews BEAST WISHES: THE FANTASTIC WORLD OF BOB AND KATHY BURNSWhile it's always Halloween in my mind, the holiday is less than 90 days away so here's an early treat for all you fans of monster movies, haunted attractions and film history: Frank Dietz and Trish Geiger's fantastic documentary BEAST WISHES: THE FANTASTIC WORLD OF BOB AND KATHY BURNS, a loving and star-studded celebration of this couple's unique and influential place in preserving film history and fostering a generation of filmmakers. Read our full review online now.

  • JULY09

    HUNGER GAMES special features trailer

    Watch THE HUNGER GAMES Blu-ray/DVD special features trailer Aiming downrange at the Blu-ray and DVD release of THE HUNGER GAMES on August 18th, Lionsgate today released a brand new special features preview trailer. The 2-disc Blu-ray and 2-disc DVD releases arrive loaded with over three hours of extensive bonus materials including the comprehensive eight-part documentary, a sit-down conversation with director Gary Ross as well as numerous featurettes that examine the global success of the books, and the filmmakers' motivation behind creating new scenes that were not in the book.

  • JULY06

    INDY Blu-ray trailer and Comic Con offer

    FilmEdge previews a Comic-Con exclusive for pre-ordering INDIANA JONES: THE COMPLETE ADVENTURES on Blu-ray With Comic Con just around the corner in San Diego, Lucasfilm and Paramount released a new trailer for INDIANA JONES: THE COMPLETE ADVENTURES upcoming Blu-ray release. Attendees of Comic Con next week who pre-order the INDY Blu-ray set will also get a bonus $25 Sideshow Collectibles gift card (while supplies last). A new poster shows details of the five-disc Blu-ray collection boasting over seven hours of new and archival bonus features plus a multi-page insert of Indiana Jones materials.

  • JUN30

    BARBARELLA busts onto Blu-ray July 3

    FilmEdge reviews BARBARELLA's Blu-ray debut If you're a fan of Jane Fonda in her 1960s sex kitten mode and far out Euro-funded science fiction, then your dreams come true on July 3 when BARBARELLA bursts out of its bra and onto Blu-ray for the first time. There is little doubt you'll need an acquired taste to enjoy this charitably termed cult classic, since director Roger Vadim's '60s-style swank wars in space has a lot going against it in terms of viable cinematic storytelling. FilmEdge can't lie: BARBARELLA's Blu-ray value rests entirely on its star's role as the Queen of Camp in the galaxy.

  • JUN29

    Previewing JAWS Blu-ray debut Aug. 14

    FilmEdge previews JAWS debut on Blu-ray Just when you thought it was safe to turn on your Blu-ray player . . . Steven Spielberg's blockbuster JAWS finally surfaces on high-definition Blu-ray disc August 14th as part of Universal's 100th Anniversary Celebration. The JAWS Blu-ray Combo Pack includes the feature film on hi-def Blu-ray and DVD discs plus Digital Copy and UltraViolet versions for viewing at the beach on your portable devices with fully restored picture and 7.1 surround sound.

  • JUN28

    UNIVERSAL MONSTERS on Blu-ray 10/2

    Preview UNIVERSAL CLASSIC MONSTERS on Blu-ray In today's press release, Universal Studios Home Entertainment annouced that eight of their classic, iconic horror masterpieces will finally debut on high-definition Blu-ray discs as UNIVERSAL CLASSIC MONSTERS: The Essential Collection arrives October 2, 2012. Painstakingly restored and remastered to create flawless image and sound for these classics while preserving their renowned artistic identities, even the most devoted Universal monster fans have never seen these eight landmark films quite like this before.

  • JUN26

    INDY whips onto Blu-ray September 18

    Preview INDIANA JONES: The Complete Adventures on Blu-ray Paramount and Lucasfilm today announced that INDIANA JONES: THE COMPLETE ADVENTURES Blu-ray Collection will jump, punch and whip its way into your home theater on September 18th. FilmEdge first got hints of Indy's adventure on Blu-ray from the series director himself, Steven Spielberg, at an exclusive LA Times Hero Complex screening of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK last September. Read the full press release and view high-resolution cover art for INDY's complete Blu-ray debut.

  • JUN25


    FilmEdge reviews ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER Late historians may be rolling over in their graves over the concept of this film, but only those with fangs and a lust for blood can actually rise up and witness the history-bending bravado that is ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER. Most mortals will simply buy a ticket to find out of this outrageous attempt to rewrite American society and the life of our 16th president could possibly be all that its hyperbolic trailer promised it to be.

  • JUN25

    Review: Disney/Pixar's BRAVE

    FilmEdge reviews Disney/Pixar's BRAVEAn enjoyable cast of talented voice artists supported by sumptuous animation design and visuals highlight Pixar's venture into the Scots highlands, but BRAVE plays out as a timid, less original tale than most produced in Disney/Pixar's lengthy string of hits. Not that such storytelling timidity will impact this film's box office take over the summer with family audiences, but older audience members who enjoy watching Pixar draw and digitize the cutting edge of feature animation storytelling may find BRAVE landing short of that mark of innovation.

  • JUN13

    ICE STATION ZEBRA on Blu-ray this Fall

    FilmEdge previews the Cold War thriller ICE STATION ZEBRA on Blu-ray this OctoberJust in time for Father's Day, Warner Brothers Home Video breaks the news that one of the ultimate "guy movies" ever made, John Sturges' Cold War thriller ICE STATION ZEBRA , is finally debuting on Blu-ray this October. Starring Rock Hudson, Ernest Borgnine, Patrick McGoohan and Jim Brown headline the cast of this fictional 1968 face-off between American and the Russkies on and below the frozen Arctic Circle at the top of the world. Based on the best-selling 1963 novel by spymaster author Alistair Maclean, this taut tale of espionage hinges on a crashed spy satellite near the North Pole and the Cold War conflict as East and West race to retrieve it first to gain the secrets locked inside. Read FilmEdge's early preview of this Blu-ray release.

  • JUN09

    Review: Ridley Scott's PROMETHEUS

    FilmEdge reviews Ridley Scott's PROMETHEUS The wait has ended, the hype has crested, but does Ridley Scott's epic journey PROMETHEUS rise to meet its impossibly high expectations? FilmEdge's answer is almost, but the journey is still worth taking. Perhaps the most important discovery of this cinematic adventure: it's important to take sympathetic humans on a quest to find the origins of humanity.

  • JUN04

    Review: HONDO debuts on Blu-ray

    FilmEdge reviews the rarely seen John Wayne western HONDO on Blu-ray On June 5th, the rarely seen John Wayne classic western HONDO makes its high-definition widescreen debut on Blu-ray. Co-starring Academy Award nominee Geraldine Page, Lee Aaker, Ward Bond and James Arness, this unconventional Wayne film blends intriguing, stereotype-defeating drama with good old fashioned shoot 'em up action. Originally produced as a 3D film but rarely seen in that format, HONDO makes its long-awaited Blu-ray bow in digitally restored 2D that has the film looking better than you've ever seen it. Read FilmEdge's review.

  • JUN04

    Production begins on IRON MAN 3 today

    See the first photo from the set of IRON MAN 3 Per today's press release via Marvel Studios, the superhero juggernaut continues as production begins today on IRON MAN 3 starring Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. Shane Black directs returning co-stars Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle and Jon Favreau. The film, scheduled for theatrical release on May 3, 2013, will shoot on locations in North Carolina, plus Miami, Florida and in China. Get your first look at the first photo from the IRON MAN 3 set.

  • MAY27

    Exclusive BOND 50 Blu-ray/book offer

    Get details on an exclusive offer on the Bond 50 Blu-ray box set and limited edition poster book MGM and Fox have set a September 25th street date for BOND 50: The Complete 22 Film Collection box set on Blu-ray, and have added a special collectible with it: a Limited Edition hardcover book James Bond: 50 Years of Movie Posters available exclusively through Read more about this great gift idea for the father or Bond fan in your life in FilmEdge's SKYFALL News Headlines.

  • MAY27

    James Bond Unmasked in new book

    FilmEdge previews new book James Bond Unmasked Fans of the Bond film series will want to investigate James Bond Unmasked, a new book by film journalist Bill Desowitz who interviewed all six classic and current 007 actors. Spanning the entire Bond franchise now approaching its 50th anniversary since DR. NO took the cinematic world by storm, Desowitz got official debriefings on this phenomenon from Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and the current 007 soon appearing in SKYFALL, Daniel Craig.

  • MAY24

    TRANSFORMERS 3D ride open Friday

    Read FilmEdge's review of Universal's latest thriller attraction TRANSFORMERS: THE RIDE 3DWith today's grand opening ceremony and show, TRANSFORMERS: THE RIDE 3D official opens this Friday at Universal Studios Hollywood. Join Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and the Autobots in their battle to save the All Spark from Megatron and the Decepticons. Get your sneak preview of TRANSFORMERS: THE RIDE 3D in FilmEdge's early review of this high-tech, action-packed thrill ride, then book your trip to get into the bot battle for this summer's new blockbuster attraction!

  • MAY21

    First SKYFALL trailer for new 007 film

    At 8:30am BST, the official website released the brand new teaser trailer for SKYFALL, the 23rd James Bond feature film starring Daniel Craig. This 1:24 trailer hints at and provides evidence for many of the talked about themes of SKYFALL, including a violent and costly attack on MI-6 headquarters and a direct threat launched against Bond's boss M (Judi Dench). Watch the new SKYFALL trailer online with FilmEdge's complete coverage of the film.

  • MAY17

    New hi-res SKYFALL teaser posters

    Download the new hi-res SKYFALL teaser posterToday the website premiered the new SKYFALL teaser poster design. Daniel Craig as James Bond strides through the iconic gun barrel design in this rather gritty, dark poster preview of the 23rd Bond film.

    FilmEdge has the full high-resolution images of the one-sheet and quad poster styles available in our SKYFALL Download Files.

  • MAY12

    Burton stumbles in DARK SHADOWS

    FilmEdge reviews DARK SHADOWSFilmEdge was looking forward to seeing just how Tim Burton and star Johnny Depp, two reported devotees of the 1960s Gothic soap opera, would update and expand upon the melodramatic mystery of DARK SHADOWS. Even the Superfly-soundtracked trailer didn't throw us off completely, even if it threw a curve ball directly past our expectations. What we didn't expect was one of Burton's weakest films to date, a grand visual feast cramped by an inattentive, bland script. There are some bright points in this fang-out-of-water tale thanks to Depp's subtle performance touches (nods to Jonathan Frid's original Barnabas abound) and Danny Elfman's superb score, but the question remains can the actor's likability alone pump enough box office blood into the film to make it a hit in the wake of Marvel's THE AVENGERS? Find out in FlimEdge's review of DARK SHADOWS.

  • MAY10

    DARK KNIGHT Tumbler Tour begins

    The Tumbler Tour begins for THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNSBatfans, keep an eye and an ear open for Batman's turbo-powered Tumbler vehicle coming to a town near you this summer.

    Warner Brothers officially began the Tumbler Tour today, a 26-stop journey across the U.S. and Canada in support of Christopher Nolan's trilogy-ending finale THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Get the updated city tour itinerary and photos on the FilmEdge Blog now!

  • MAY09

    Depp plays DARK SHADOWS after-party

    See DARK SHADOWS after-party photos of Johnny Depp and Alice CooperFilmEdge has updated our DARK SHADOWS photo gallery with new high-resolution photos from the exclusive premiere after-part concert in Hollywood. Johnny Depp joined in on guitar as shock rocker Alice Cooper headlined the band entertaining movie premiere guests in Hollywood on Monday night. See these latest pics of Johnny Depp rocking out. FE's DARK SHADOWS review coming soon!

  • MAY09

    TRANSFORMERS ride ad preview video

    Universal Studios Hollywood released a new TV spot for TRANSFORMERS: THE RIDE 3D which officially opens in the park May 25th. Read FilmEdge's pre-opening review of this thrilling new attraction and find out how you can get your chance to ride it before the 25th.

  • MAY06

    AVENGERS' Hulk smash box office records

    As expected, Marvel's THE AVENGERS is breaking box office records in its six-superhero opening weekend. Estimated earnings for this weekend edge past the $200 million mark, leaving the previous record of $169.2 million set by HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS Part 2 distant in the rear view mirror. According to Box Office Mojo, THE AVENGERS also blazed past previous records to reach $100 million, $150 million, and $200 million, and set new records for Saturday earnings ($69.7 million) and Sunday ($50.1 million) grosses. Read more on the FilmEdge Blog.

  • MAY02

    Scarlett Johansson gets her star today

    View photo album of THE AVENGERS star Scarlett Johansson getting her star on the Hollywood Walk of FameAs the excitement builds for the opening of Marvel's THE AVENGERS, the film's star Scarlett Johansson received her own star today on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Joining her in the ceremony were her AVENGERS co-stars Jeremy Renner and Clark Gregg, executive producer Jeremy Latcham, and LA City Council President Eric Garcetti. Scarlett's star is number 2,470 appearing in the sidewalks of Hollywood, and is located at 6931 Hollywood Boulevard in front of Madame Tussauds next to Grauman's Chinese Theater. View the new photo album as part of our continuing coverage of THE AVENGERS including our film review online now.

  • MAY02

    Review: Marvel's THE AVENGERS

    FilmEdge reviews Marvel's THE AVENGERS opening in theaters May 4thThis summer is off to a blockbuster start as Marvel's THE AVENGERS opens May 4th as the best Marvel Studios film ever made, which is saying a lot. Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow and Nick Fury are back to fight an intergalactic invasion from Loki — oh, and they have a Hulk. Writer/director Joss Whedon leads an all-star, all-superhero cast on a rollicking fun mission to save Earth that could very well prove to be the first and biggest must-see movie of this crowded season. FilmEdge's full review is online now along with our complete AVENGERS coverage.

  • APR30

    Watch THE DARK KNIGHT new trailer

    Tonight fans found all the hidden Batsymbol graffiti around the country and unlocked the new 2:19 trailer for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. This new trailer continues the tone of foreboding and gloom which (intentionally) surrounds the story of Christopher Nolan's third and final installment in his Batman trilogy. While one of the interstitial titles reads HOPE IS LOST, fans around the globe will no doubt be rooting for the Dark Knight to defeat this new class of foe in Bane and save Gotham (if not himself) from utter destruction. Read more and link up to the trailer on the FilmEdge Blog.

  • APR27

    TRANSFORMERS 3D ride review at USH

    Read FilmEdge's review of Universal's latest thriller attraction TRANSFORMERS: THE RIDE 3DFilmEdge got a sneak preview of TRANSFORMERS: THE RIDE 3D at Universal Studios Hollywood, and our pre-opening review of the ride is online now! Combining motion-simulator ride technology with action-packed 3D high definition film effects, buckle up for the thrill ride of your life this Summer!