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UPDATED Sept 28 2010New high-resolution concept and costume art added, plus some updated hi-res film stills.







FilmEdge Has First Official Photo of Jeff Bridges in TRON LEGACY

Feb 2 2010With nanosecond-timing only the Master Control Program once possessed, today Disney released its first official photo of Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn in TRON LEGACY on the same day Bridges received an Oscar nomination for his role in CRAZY HEART.   The caption for the pic reads that this new image is a "FILM FRAME" which makes this one of our first glimpses into the actual look of the feature instead of promotional photos or artwork.  Given how the original 1982 TRON beamed user Kevin Flynn directly into the virtual world on the other side of the screen, the sight of Flynn with the disc on his back is delightfully mindblowing.

Could this be the interior of Flynn's living quarters, highly reminiscent of the lofty dwelling seen in the Visual Effects Test Reel (see image below)?  His poster might suggest he's also looking down and out of some viewport or window, as he did the Test Reel too.  Regardless, the illuminated identity disc on his back is certainly a new detail, and what a trip it will be finally seeing the world of Tron in high-res without the original film's backlit animation processes to provide such electronic effects.  Click the image below for the full-size, ultrahigh-resolution photo complete with Disney's caption border.

First look at Jeff Bridges in TRON LEGACY

Same room, different costume? You make the call.

Is this Flynn's same room seen in the new Jeff Bridges photo?

Disney Releases Official TRON LEGACY First Look Photo

Dec 09 2009 Just a little over one year ahead of its theatrical release, Disney has delivered two new official TRON LEGACY first look items: a teaser poster and production photo of two lead characters!  The photo depicts co-stars Olivia Wilde (Quorra) and Garrett Hedlund as Sam Flynn, son of the gaming genius Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) who has mysteriously disappeared into the world of Tron.  Click the image below for the full high-res photo for your viewing pleasure, and be sure to check out the new story synopsis which released with this pic.