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FilmEdge Has New TRON LEGACY Hi-Res LightCycle Billboard Art for Download

Mar 11 2010 — Disney sent FilmEdge this new TRON LEGACY billboard art of two dueling LightCycle riders in a dangerous race.

Go to FilmEdge's Downloads Sector to get this TRON LEGACY billboard art

New TRON LEGACY Viral Game Tests Revisits Arcade Classics to Launch New Mission

Play the new TRON LEGACY viral gameMarch 10 2010 — The FlynnLives website launched a new viral game today, testing players' knowledge of classic arcade and video games with a pictorial puzzle.  Hidden within the retro 2D-as-3D styled cityscape are the names of 56 classic games from the distant and recent past, represented in pictorial form.  Those good at word play and Pictionary should do well guessing the names, though admittedly a few are deliberately tricky while others may literally be taken at face value.

To play: go to the FlynnLives website and visit the Discussion Boards. Open the topic Are You Worthy? and click on the game image in the first post.  You'll be diected to a new website, Arcade Aid, and presented with the graphic-based game.  Drag your mouse around the city and your cursor will pop-up a game clue number and answer space: type in the name of the classic game represented by the pictograph image, and if you're correct a green check mark will confirm your choice and update your score count.  Notice the red dots on the inset map will turn green with each correct answer.  You can navigate the game either by mouse sweeps or by clicking on the green dots to move directly to a given clue.

Arcade Aid game name huntIf you're a registered member at, be sure to login before playing the game so you can earn badges in this new level of the TRON LEGACY viral campaign.  There are three new badges available to earn: identify 30 game titles correctly and you earn the Serious Contender badge; identify 40 games and you earn the Force to be Reckoned With badge, and you merit the Game Master badge by identifying all 56 game titles on the screen.  As long as you play under your member login account, you can start and stop the game and your progress will be saved.

While you're playing, note the various buildings referencing ENCOM and a sly reference '3-42', presumably referring to 42 Entertainment, the viral game design company which reportedly designed this campaign to promote TRON LEGACY — and it's been a blast to play so far!

Mysterious transmission in new TRON LEGACY viral campaignOnce you complete all 56 game entries, you advance to your 'real' mission: to infiltrate the ENCOM International website to seek clues on the files locked in their system since Kevin Flynn's disappearance in 1989, which will eventually led to finding the fate of Flynn himself.  Member players will get to upload their ID photo and information required to create a user badge and gain entrance to ENCOM.

But that's not all folks: reports a mysterious transmission now broadcasting across the internet.  This colorfully cryptic jumble of program text codes, numbers and seemingly obscure words presumably must be decoded to reveal yet another mission or level for TRON LEGACY viral players to engage.

The Legacy of TRON Attractions at Disneyland from 1982 and the Shape of Things to Come

March 10 2010 — [ARTICLE UPDATE BELOW] With movie fans and the internet buzzing with interest in TRON LEGACY, Disney enthusiast Jim Hill wrote an article recapping the planned and abandoned history of adding TRON attractions to the company's theme parks in the 1980s.  Hill covers the wide range of Walt Disney Imagineering plans to upgrade many areas of the park before getting down to the details about TRON material, concluding that most of the concepts remained sketchy in development but sincere in enthusiasm.

Proposals included installing a Tron ride-through attraction to replace the outdated Mission to Mars venue, and designing a Tron-style gaming area on the unused second floor of Disneyland's Starcade in Anaheim.  Other Tron-makeover attractions proposed essentially would have been rethemed technology developed by Imagineers for EPCOT rather than brand-new innovations inspired by the film itself.  In the end, little of this came to fruition when TRON underperformed at box offices — eventually Imagineers created a ride-through projection tunnel for Tomorrowland's People Mover which replayed LightCycle and action clips from the movie while guests watched from the slow-moving transportation vehicles.  Naturally the Starcade became the Home of Tron video games but little effort was made to tie into the film itself.

Growing enthusiasm for TRON LEGACY among the original generation of fans and a new generation of CG-loving audiences has Disney Imagineers exploring 'Blue Sky' concepts within the newly expanded Tron universe, including a possible makeover of Disneyland's same Starcade in Flynn's Arcade fashion.  Certainly the Anaheim resort's Tomorrowland could use some new attractions reflecting the speed, action and imagination of TRON LEGACY, and a full-blown CG effects virtual attraction would make great Disney synergy if the film turns into a hit franchise for the studio.  FilmEdge will monitor this story as it develops, meanwhile expect TRON LEGACY to make its initial presence known in Disney parks later this year.

[UPDATE] The appearance of TRON LEGACY in Disney theme parks is happening even faster than expected, as the Disney Parks Blog breaks the news that images of the Tron LightCycles will soon transform the look of Monorail trains at Walt Disney World.

TRON LEGACY art on Walt Disney World Monorail trail

These preview images hint and what will appear on the trains perhaps later this month: yellow and blue LightCycles speed ahead at the front of the Monorail, coloring the train in glowing hues of their jet walls as seen in the TRON LEGACY effects reel and teaser trailer.  Be sure to visit the Disney Parks Blog for more details and full-size images, we recommend it!

TRON LEGACY art on Walt Disney World Monorail trains

TRON LEGACY Teaser Commentary by Director Joseph Kosinski

March 09 2010 — Today MTV Movies Blog published brief but insightful commentary on the new TRON LEGACY trailer by the film's director, Joseph Kosinski, who describes several key moments in the teaser.  Kosinski provides some backstory and details not directly offered in the buzz-generating trailer, though no huge spoilers are given so the article is a relatively safe read.  A couple of facts we learn:

    > Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) is very much an adrenaline junkie like his father Kevin
    > Sam is very adept riding his Ducati motorcycle, a skill that will serve him well in the Tron-side gaming grid
    > The Tron world has evolved at a much faster rate than the 28 years since we last saw it, roughly 1000 virtual years of evolution
    > The games have evolved accordingly, with the disc competition playing out in a simultaneous eight-seeded tournament
    > Kosinski explains how creating a realistic Clu 2.0, a younger version of Jeff Bridges, was the film's central CG-effects challenge

Flip through MTV's still gallery from the trailer to read Kosinski's full commentary for more details.

TRON LEGACY Teaser Trailer Now Online at

March 08 2010 — At last the long-awaited and sneak previewed teaser trailer for TRON LEGACY is available online and FilmEdge has it.  This trailer has been thrilling fans since Disney previewed it just over a week ago, and fans have given it rave reviews in theaters when it officially premiered on the big screen with ALICE IN WONDERLAND.  Watch the trailer here on FilmEdge and link to HD viewing and downloads.

Watch the new TRON LEGACY teaser trailer

TRON LEGACY Trailer Debuts Exclusively in Theaters, Not Online

Mar 5 2010 — Director Jospeh Kosinski and Disney had decided to let TRON LEGACY's teaser trailer debut exclusively in theaters this weekend (in 3D and IMAX) in front of Tim Burton's ALICE IN WONDERLAND, postponing its expected online debut until next week.

Kosinski told MTV Movies Blog:

"My suggestion is to see it in 3-D in surround sound this weekend and download it next week and feel free to freeze-frame and analyze," Kosinski said. "It was important to me that when people see it for the first time, they have the opportunity to see it in 3-D on a big screen. The entire second half of the trailer is in 3-D. On your iPhone, it's not quite the same."

While this is expected in marketing terms for the studio, it's a slight disappointment to fans expecting to freeze-frame and analyze it this weekend — especially after Disney's beencounting down online to the trailer's release all week at its TRON Facebook page.

Speaking of which, Disney stopped distributing the daily countdown photos on Wednesday, releasing it in limited availability for the last two days and not in high-res. Stranger, we expected to see a final countdown image from the photo teaser series today to celebrate the trailer's counted-down release.  So far nothing.  A little odd, as is the Facebook page's prompting to share these countdown pics with other FB users, yet the TRON page's security settings don't allow photo sharing.  Oops!  Might want to debug that minor marketing snafu, Disney.

Who knows, releasing the TRON LEGAGY teaser online this weekend might also have prompted fans to go see it in 3D at theaters once they know what they're "missing" in a 2D download.   Having seen the visually stunning teaser last weekend, we agree with Kosinski saying this trailer should be seen in 3D on the big screen for full effect.   But we're not convinced that an online release would deter Troniacs from rushing to theaters this weekend in 3D as it's meant to be seen.

One could extend his argument above: if the trailer isn't quite the same on your iPhone, then why release it online at all?  It's simply a question of delivery mediums, and even with theTRON LEGACY trailer available online next week, it still won't be the same in 2D on a computer monitor or handheld than it is in all its 3D IMAX glory.

In the end, this helps ALICE IN WONDERLAND more than TRON LEGACY, but it only boils down to a short delay in unleashing the teaser trailer for online viewing and downloading.  Fans need only be a little more patient to see, download and micro-analyze the trailer in online form. FilmEdge definitely endorses seeing the teaser in 3D for the cool factor alone, and it will whet your appetite for new TRON goodness nine months out from the new film's release.

Word going around today suggests that the TRON LEGACY trailer will debut online this coming Tuesday, but we're seeking official confirmation. Hang in there, programs!

TRON LEGACY on Facebook Counts Down to Trailer - Day Four Image

Mar 4 2010 — TRON LEGACY's Facebook profile continues its countdown to Friday's public unveiling of the film's new teaser trailer.  Today's still is below.  If you haven't become a fan of TRON LEGACY's Facebook page, link up to get their latest news and connect with fellow programs.  And I welcome you to become a fan of FilmEdge's page too! The image below shows the classic TRON video game that Sam Flynn finds in his father's abandoned arcade which could reveal a secret to Kevin Flynn's disappearance.

UPDATE: Disney has now delivered the high-resolution photo to FilmEdge, click below to view it in new browser.

New image from the TRON LEGACY teaser trailer - Sam Flynn finds a clue to his father's disappearance

TRON LEGACY on Facebook Counts Down to Trailer - Day Three Image

Mar 3 2010 — TRON LEGACY's Facebook profile continues its countdown to Friday's public unveiling of the film's new teaser trailer.  Today's still is below.  If you haven't become a fan of TRON LEGACY's Facebook page, link up to get their latest news and connect with fellow programs.  And I welcome you to become a fan of FilmEdge's page too! The image below depicts Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), Kevin Flynn's son, inside the abandoned Flynn's Arcade looking for clues to find his missing father. Click it to view in hi-resolution.

New image from the TRON LEGACY teaser trailer - Sam arrives at the abandoned Flynn's Arcade

TRON Premieres in High Definition on HDNet Wednesday Night

Watch TRON on HDNetMar 3 2010 — The buzz around TRON LEGACY only gets a boost among cable/sat-subscribing fans as Steven Lisberger's original 1982 sci-fi landmark TRON premieres in high-definition on HDNet.  Rez up on the gaming grid with Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner and Cindy Morgan as they face off against the corporate greed of ENCOM and the tyrannical MCP system on the other side of the monitor. Co-starring David Warner and Barnard Hughes, TRON heralded the start of the computer graphics revolution in filmmaking and earned the enthusiastic loyalty of a generation of fans.  Check out HDNet's schedule for showtimes in your local area, but generally TRON will air twice Wednesday night, debuting at 9pm ET/6pm PT and again at 12am ET/9pm PT.

Of course this HD broadcast only underscores the high-definition upgrade TRON has received recently, which leads to its eventual release on hi-def Blu-ray discs — presumably later this year timed with the theatrical release of TRON LEGACY December 17th.  It would make the perfect high-def holiday gift for fans!  Meanwhile, enjoy watching TRON on HDNet tonight — twice!

The Future of TRON's Extended Legacy

Mar 2 2010 — Blue Sky Disney put up a blog about the future of Disney's rebooted TRON franchise, and the network of cross-connected projects and promotions indicate just how heavily (and enthusiastically) the studio has invested in TRON LEGACY and what it may bring.

The studio has already generated great buzz among original TRON fans and newcomers with their dynamic viral campaign, which resulted in a five-city sneak preview of the TRON LEGACY teaser trailer last weekend.  FilmEdge recapped the LA trailer event, and the rest of the planet gets to see it this Friday when ALICE IN WONDERLAND, the studio's first major 3D tentpole of the year, opens in theaters.

Should Joseph Kosinski's epic sci-fi sequel light up box offices this December, the obvious next step into the future is a trilogy-creating follow up film . . . or beyond, if Disney turns TRON into a PIRATES-style franchise.  During such a production gap, Blue Sky also reports a TRON computer animation TV series is already in development, perhaps similar to how George Lucas' THE CLONE WARS is expanding his STAR WARS universe in between his prequel film chapters.

TRON will also become a significant presence in Disney theme parks, as FilmEdge predicted after Joseph Kosinski's comments at the LA teaser trailer screening Q&A last Saturday.  TRON LEGACY merchandise will fill up retail shelves, especially in Tomorrowland where Disneyland's blah-themed Starcade could indeed get that much needed makeover into Flynn's Arcade for the fitting movie tie-in.  Of course merchandise and characters might well network through the parks.

Blue Sky also reports sketch but promising details about Imagineers developing TRON-based attractions for the Disney parks — perhaps something simple in time for TRON LEGACY's December release, but more robust E-ticket concepts are being explored now for a possible 2012 window of installation.

All FilmEdge can recommend is that if you like the sound of these plans and expansions of the Tron-iverse into our reality, be sure to buy your tickets when TRON LEGACY rezzes up in theaters this winter.  Be sure to read Blue Sky Disney's full blog article for many more details.

TRON LEGACY on Facebook Counts Down to Trailer - Day Two Image

Mar 2 2010 — TRON LEGACY's Facebook profile continues its countdown to Friday's public unveiling of the film's new teaser trailer.  Today's still is below.  If you haven't become a fan of TRON LEGACY's Facebook page, link up to get their latest news and connect with fellow programs.  And I welcome you to become a fan of FilmEdge's page too! The image below depicts Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), Kevin Flynn's son, reflecting on the disappearance of his father arrives at Flynn's Arcade left abandoned for twenty years. Click it to view in hi-resolution.

New image from the TRON LEGACY teaser trailer - Sam arrives at the abandoned Flynn's Arcade

TRON LEGACY and Fans Ask the Lora/Yori Question

Mar 2 2010 — Steven Lisberger's 1982 groundbreaking, forward-looking virtual adventure TRON has forged an enduring legacy for many reasons, one of which being its loyal, devoted and enthusiastic fanbase. Their numbers have grown and evolved, just as the virtual world has amid the 21st century storytelling servers powering TRON LEGACYJoseph Kosinski's next-gen sequel rezzing up in theaters this December.

Just as Disney and the filmmakers are engaging this Tron fanbase in full force with its clever, already compelling viral marketing campaign — resulting in IMAX 3D sneak previews of TRON LEGACY's teaser trailer — the fans are more than meeting them halfway on the gaming grid. Their letters and grassroots campaigns have helped make the new film possible by demonstrating a groundswell of support for turning a cult film into a generation-spanning franchise.

Cindy Morgan as Yori in TRONBut not all the Tron-iacs are completely happy yet.  Fans cheered the returns of Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner reprising their roles as Kevin Flynn and Alan Bradley from the 1982 film, but also couldn't help note an absence of the third star from this Tron triumvirate, Cindy Morgan who played Lora Baines/Yori along side them.  Ms. Morgan has stated publicly in recent weeks that neither Disney nor the filmmakers had contacted her to reprise either role even as a cameo — a plot hitch partly based upon the backstory 'fact' that Lora was supposedly killed sometime between the events of TRON and the Tron 2.0 videogame in the franchise's expanded universe.

Yet after his appearance at the Los Angeles sneak preview, director Kosinski confirmed that the events and history depicted in Tron 2.0 will not serve as storytelling canon for TRON LEGACY.  Even so, rumors abound that Lora may simply have met a different fate in the ensuing two decades since TRON.  When pressed for an answer by an LA fan, Kosinski stated carefully, "Her character is not in TRON LEGACY, but that doesn't mean she's not in the world of Tron."

While his statement may remain technically true, as of this date Cindy Morgan hasn't revisited the "world of Tron" at all, months after the sequel wrapped production and is now months into a solid year of post-production visual effects.  In fact, Morgan wasn't even invited to Disney's off-campus Comic-Con fan event recreating Flynn's Arcade at the summer 2009 launch of TRON LEGACY marketing.  She patiently waited in line to even view the fan event.

Morgan remains convinced that whatever Disney and Kosinski have in store as Lora's intervening backstory, she could still fit into the film on one side of Tron-world or the other.  Indeed, fans have launched a Yori Lives campaign to show support for Morgan's onscreen reunion with Bridges, Boxleitner and their digital alter egos.  Indeed, many major studio productions often schedule brief reshoots to pick up scenes and shots needed to complete the film story in its editing stage, so the opportunity exists for Morgan to squeeze into such a brief reopening of production for a cameo.

Will these devoted Yori fans sway the filmmakers with nine months to go before TRON LEGACY's theatrical debut, showing Disney that audiences can interact with Hollywood studios too? With buzz gaining huge momentum for the film in the past month, Morgan has been contacted for comments and several interviews, this in-depth chat with Crave Online being one of the latest.

As Kosinski asked the audience at LA's trailer sneak viewing, "Are there any girls in here?"  Fans might ask the same of TRON LEGACY, with Olivia Wilde's Quorra being the only prominent female role announced so far.  The viral marketing dance between filmmakers and fans kicks up a step or two, and only time will tell the outcome of this Lora/Yori question.  FilmEdge would certainly like to see Cindy Morgan get her due appearance in the film franchise she helped launch, if at all possible. Disney's gone a long way to please TRON fans with the release of this high-profile sequel, and an appearance by Morgan would demonstrate continued willingness to make this much-anticipated film all fans have hoped for in the past 28 years.

Like the man said: there's no problems, only solutions.

TRON LEGACY on Facebook Counts Down to Trailer with New Images

Mar 1 2010 — TRON LEGACY's Facebook profile has begun a countdown to Friday's public unveiling of the film's new teaser trailer.  Beginning today, the profile will debut one new image from the trailer each day.  Today's still is below.  If you haven't become a fan of TRON LEGACY's Facebook page, link up to get their latest news and connect with fellow programs.  And I welcome you to become a fan of FilmEdge's page too! The image below depicts Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), Kevin Flynn's son and a motorcycle enthusiast, arrives at Flynn's Arcade left abandoned for twenty years.  UPDATE: FilmEdge now has a hi-res file of this photo, click image below to view it.

New image from the TRON LEGACY teaser trailer - Sam arrives at the abandoned Flynn's Arcade

Computer Realities a video blast from TRON's past

Mar 1 2010 — My friend Erik Andersen of FilmsInFocus hosts a retro making-of video gem on TRON's production circa 1982 entitled Computer Realities: a six-minute featurette recognizing TRON's ground-breaking digital visual effects as a landmark in modern cinema [video embedded below].

Touring Digital Productions in Los Angeles with computer effects wizard John Whitney Jr., the video gets 1980s viewers up to speed on the real world of CRAY supercomputers and their computational ability to generate first-generation computer graphics in commercials and films. Mixing effects scenes from Disney's TRON with stock animations produced at the time, this is a great video time capsule of CG history.

More impressive is the forward-looking statements made in the film, accurately predicting how CG visual effects would revolutionize filmmaking in ways these then-pioneers could only dream about with 1980s technology. If only we could time-hop back to their era and show them the newly previewed TRON LEGACY teaser trailer in IMAX 3D, these proto-CGers would be astonished at the photoreal results less than 30 years later!

Of course such progress also brings change to filmmaking technology, and the effects wizards interviewed in this video clearly saw the writing of revolution on the wall. Makeup artist Rob Bottin correctly predicted that CG effects would largely replace much of the creature creation only prosthetic masks could accomplish in the 80s. Check. STAR WARS' ILM leader John Dykstra (I think?), seen holding a model jet from Clint Eastwood's action flick FIREFOX, chimes in about the need for a huge advance in technology before computer simulation could replace miniatures in films. Check. Fellow STAR WARS alum and stop-motion animator Phil Tippett also foresaw that computers could eliminate much of the laborious, time-consuming manual work of character animation. Check.

Historically, computer graphic visual effects and compositing fairly well took over all three disciplines of physical effects within ten years as films like Steven Spielberg's JURASSIC PARK inaugurated the truly digital era of filmmaking. Or as Phil Tippett told Spielberg at the time, "I think I'm extinct." Of course these artists all adapted to the technology of this new era — same creative opportunities, just a different set of tools used to realize them.

Film history aside, often TRON doesn't get the credit it deserves for establishing a cutting edge of computer simulated visual effects integrated into the telling a cinematic story as never before. Steven Lisberger's quirky sci-fi vision was ahead of its time for audiences who simply weren't psychologically and socially up to speed yet in the Computer Age. This disparity is also one of the reasons TRON has lasted three decades to see its 21st century sequel realized by Disney and director Joseph Kosinski. The original film's far-reaching vision remains relevant today, it preceded THE MATRIX by 17 years — a huge gulf in social and technical terms — discussing virtual reality before we even used those words to describe the concept. In the truest sense, digital filmmaking and 21st century storytelling have finally caught up with the world of TRON, and now its sequel may well map out a future for the next generation.

Predicting the future of visual effects aside, this video piece has plenty of retro appeal as well — watch for the spinning red hat clip used by Devo in their Peek-A-Boo music video. While the rest of the world awaits the online debut of the TRON LEGACY teaser trailer and December's theatrical release of the film, enjoy this look back at how it all began to realize how far we've come since . . . and where we may be headed soon.

Be sure to check out the FilmsInFocus channel on YouTube for more videos by Erik, and tell him FilmEdge sent you.

TRON LEGACY Will Screen Five Scenes in Expanded IMAX-Format Size

Feb 28 2010 — Both FirstShowing and Slashfilm broke news from director Joseph Kosinski that TRON LEGACY will feature five scenes specifically formatted to fill the large 1.7:1 aspect ratio of a large IMAX screen.  Standard theaters will project the film in its native 2.35:1 widescreen ratio through its entirety, but during IMAX-only screenings, specified scenes (we don't know which yet) will expand in image ratio from the letterboxed 2.35:1 ratio (with black bars at the top and bottom) to fill the much taller, square-shaped IMAX screen.  This visual explosion of the film's screened image should have tremendous visual impact on key TRON LEGACY scenes, enhanced further by the 3D process used through the entire film.  As you may recall, director Christopher Nolan filmed select sequences of THE DARK KNIGHT in the expensive, large-scale IMAX film format to achieve this same screening effect for IMAX audiences.  Read more at the linked articles above.

TRON LEGACY Director screens trailer twice for LA Fans

Feb 27 2010 — [Additional confirmations updated below] Just returned from today's exclusive TRON LEGACY IMAX 3D screening of the film's new teaser trailer, hosted by two surprise guests! Director Joseph Kosinski took the mic after the trailer ended and invited original TRON creator Steven Lisberger to join him.

Best quote #1 of the event: "I'm not leaving until I see this trailer again!" proclaimed by Kosinski himself. Cheers from the attending fans which packed every seat at The Bridge IMAX theater in Los Angeles. Question time ensued with Kosinski and Lisberger while the booth rewound the film, but descriptions of what we saw first:

High atop the skyscraper roof of the ENCOM building at night, a voiceover from Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner) saying he promised he'd tell Sam if he heard any news about his missing father, Kevin Flynn. Sam (Garrett Hedlund) is seen in what appears to be a garage, a Ducati logo visible in the background -- save this detail for later. Alan reveals he received a call from the office line at Flynn's Arcade, which doesn't impress Sam until Alan says that number's been disconnected for 20 years. The plot thickens. Intercut through this conversation are shots of Sam racing through traffic along a bridge or overpass, ending with a jump off the ramp onto a lower road — clearly Sam is a skilled motorcyclist on his Ducati, which bodes well for his LightCycle adventures to come.

Sam remains dubious about this lead, grumbling words to the effect of "It's not like I'm going to find him there saying 'Sorry, I was working and time got away from me.'" Alan throws him the keys to Flynn's Arcade and smiles, "Wouldn't that be something?"

Cut to Sam arriving outside the dilapidated shell of Flynn's Arcade, its iconic neon sign dimmed and dusty from years of neglect. Sam's inside, wiping away cobwebs to flip the circuit breakers, illuminated the plastic shrouds covering the classic arcade games. Alan's voice alerts Sam that his last talk with Kevin Flynn indicated the genius had made a discovery that would change 'society, religion, the entire world.' Sam approaches the classic ENCOM-branded Tron video game and drops a quarter in the coin slot. The coin falls out onto the floor, landing on dusty grooves in the floor circumscribing an arc around the game cabinet.

Sam pushes against the console which hinges to open a space behind the wall: Kevin's private office in the arcade. Sam wipes years of dust off a desktop, illuminated the next-gen computer interface far beyond what Dillinger used in TRON. As Sam sits and the desk reviewing the monitor data, the laser machine rises behind him, aimed directly at the back of the desk chair Sam occupies. The laser lens flashes bright...

And we're transported to the evolved world of Tron, a next-gen Recognizer hovers silently over a walkway with three glowing Tron figures standing below it. This jolted fans with enthusiasm, applause and hoots of approval, and indeed the Recognizer towers menacingly on a huge IMAX screen. A bit sleeker in design, a little shinier with energy lines glowing in a couple different hues, but largely the same iconic, intimidating ship! This was a brilliant shot to open with in the Tron world because the visual explains everything conceptually in an instant: the world of Tron has evolved on this new server, as evident from cloudy skies and lightning flashing in the distance as well as the next-gen look of the Recognizer. This isn't remake, this is advancement.

What follows happens quickly and I may report memories out of order — wait for the trailer to debut online for exactitude but here are main impressions: Olivia Wilde looks stunning and gorgeous in her black bob-cut hair and skin-tight program suit as she lounges on a white couch. Several shots of Sam at the controls of a Recognizer or some such vehicle which appears to be rising upward toward rotating concentric circles. The odd shot of a white-haired man jamming away on a Tron-ified electric guitar is actually actor Michael Sheen in his role as 'Castor' (or a similar name), a wild-looking nightclub owner in Tron city. Sheen is unrecognizable in the shot itself seen at this pace, but Kosinski confirmed his role and said the actor truly transformed him look in the part.

On the gaming grid, Sam is visible through the open data disc of a contestant which flickers menacingly in a circle framing the shot. Then Clu2.0 rises up into the gaming arena like a gladiator -- a younger-looking Jeff Bridges/Kevin Flynn which, according to director Kosinski as he told us today, is an exact copy of Kevin Flynn he made back in 1986. Thus Clu2.0 looks like Flynn minus 24 years in age, his hair style even reminiscent of a late 1980s look. Clu2.0 looks like a true badass warrior in attitude and expression, which sets up the stunning prospect of Sam battling against a younger version of his own father on the Tron gaming grid!

The new photo released this week is indeed of Sam walking up to the gaming grid, and a shot from the scene plays out as voiceovers between father and son are heard: Sam saying, "Father, it's been a long time" to which Kevin (shown in current age close up like he appeared in the effects reel) replies, "You have no idea."

A title treatment as seen in the effects test reel assembles in midair with Tron city in the background, implying the trailer is ending. A pause. Then it cuts directly into a burst of fast-paced LightCycle racing action on the grid, numerous cycles darting around and a shot of Sam cutting a sharp, sweeping turn as another LightCycle hits his wall trail and explodes.

The end title card wraps up with the 12.17.10 release date and staggered depths of the Disney Digital 3D and IMAX 3D logo screens.

Some fans expressed disappointment with the lack of big reveals in the trailer, or the perceived weakness of the 3D effects in it. FilmEdge says this: this is truly a teaser trailer, as intelligent fans and moviegoers would expect from a film nine months out from release, and thus with nine months left of post-production effects shots to complete. I've seen far more "cheated" teaser trailers which show no actual footage from the upcoming film — this teaser for TRON LEGACY is all-new footage from the film.

As for the 3D effects not constantly poking you in the eyes for two minutes, hooray! This isn't designed as a gimmicky 3D exploitation flick splattering, punching and jolting you in your seat — this is a virtual digital universe unlike anything seen before outside of the original film. It's very hard to perceive 3D effect depth in such a fast moving trailer because your viewing perspective is constantly shifting, and 3D visual rely on context to suggest the illusion of depth, volume and space. If the opening shot of that towering Recognizer didn't sell fans on how well TRON LEGACY will employ 3D cinematography, then some people just like to complain... they're certainly overlooking facts for opinion.

Kosinski and Lisberger fielded questions from fans during the 15-20 minute wait for replay, giving out signed TRON LEGACY posters to chosen fans — we missed out getting FilmEdge's question asked. The questions ranged from thoughtful to I-just-want-a-poster in relevance, but most fans posed useful queries. When asked directly if Cindy Morgan would appear in the film, the directors' reply was, "Cindy Morgan's character Lora does not appear in our story, but that doesn't mean she's not in the world of TRON." The latest interviews with Cindy indicate she's not been contacted to appear in the film, for which production has rapped. But reshoots are quite common (as Cameron recruited Linda Hamilton to record voiceovers for TERMINATOR:SALVATION long after production wrapped), so the door remains slightly ajar for some participation by Morgan.

Second best question of the day: Joseph Kosinski scans the hands-raises audience questioners, his hand blocking the glare of lights and asking, "Are there any girls in here?" Laughs ensued as the 85% male audience looked around. Indeed, a good number of female fans attended and asked questions as well. After turning in our 3D glasses, fans received a Flynn Lives t-shirt — no code detected under black light so far! More to follow later.

ADDED OBSERVATIONS AND MORE CONFIRMATIONS from TRON LEGACY director Joseph Kosinski and Steve Lisberger:

Positives which jump out overall: Garrett Hedlund's Sam makes a believable son for Kevin Flynn and should carry his role well if the snippets of this trailer are any indication.  We got little impression of Quorra aside from her alluring pose on the couch, but we liked what we saw.  The darker, less backlit-animated look should make sense in this evolved Tron universe, as the lingering thunderstorms evoke the film noir feel of a classic like Bogart's THE BIG SLEEP but set in a self-luminated digital realm (why else would an electron-based city develop artificial weather except to give Tron's mystery a noir ambiance?).

The music heard in the trailer is by Daft Punk, and given this small sampling, their style is a good fit for the film: electronic meets noir.  Kosinski confirmed that the recently "leaked" score track was NOT from the TRON LEGACY score by Daft Punk, adding "There are a lot of fake tracks out there."

When asked if Daft Punk would appear in the film itself, Kosinski hedged his answer a bit, stating "Their music is all over the film, so Daft Punk is definitely in it."  This drew some laughs at the non-answer answer, and his careful wording may imply that footage was shot with Daft Punk during production (as reported by the duo long ago) but that it may not make the final cut of the film (for now) — which makes a definite answer hard to give.  Speculation there.

Kosinski confirmed that there are plans on putting a TRON presence in the Disney theme parks, perhaps in the form of a Flynn's Arcade (as the questioner asked).  While this is no guarantee such a tie-in will appear (oh the theme park designs which never saw the sun!), such an entry from the franchise would be a natural fit in the parks' Tomorrowland areas.  A Flynn's Arcade would be a great upgrade to Disneyland's Starcade, the opening of which dates back to 1977! Starcade has received several refurbs over the years but it lacks a cohesive theme (a common problem in DL's Tomorrowland), so branding it with the TRON universe as Flynn's Arcade would be a good move for both synergy marketing and attracting park guests to stay and play.

Alan's cyber alter-ego Tron will appear as a character.  As Kosinski put it, "Tron will be in it, I promise you.  The film's called TRON."

While Clu1.0's virtual pal Bit will NOT appear in the film, Kosinski confirmed that Kevin will have a different virtual assistant named Jarvis, who "does not appear in geometric form."  Presuming the system evolution within the Tron virtual-verse, Jarvis could be more humanoid in appearance, but details are unknown beyond confirming the character's existence — and no actor was mentioned for the part.

By the way: we've found no black light code on our Flynn Lives t-shirt, and FilmEdge tried entering its ticket ID code at the page, but got back Invalid Code.  We suggest you all try entering your ticket IDs in as codes — worth trying!

Could Olivia Wilde appear at TRON IMAX event Saturday?

Feb 27 2010 — This is a wild long shot, but all this weeks TRON LEGACY viral activities has FilmEdge thinking conspiriatorially.

In case you didn't see it, TRON LEGACY star Olivia Wilde appeared on Friday's installment of Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO — and indeed, she held her own with aplomb in the hour-long discussion on politics, the health care summit and many topics. If Wilde invested such intelligence, insights and humor into playing Quorra, she'll be a knockout in the role on multiple levels!

TRON LEGACY star Olivia Wilde appears on Real Time with Bill Maher

Since Maher's show is broadcast live each Friday, that means Olivia is in Los Angeles tonight. As we all know, there is an exclusive TRON LEGACY IMAX preview event for fans on Saturday . . . in Los Angeles. Coincidence?

Quite possibly. Wilde lives and works in the LA area for her series House M.D. and film projects, so it's nothing specifically telling that she's in town.

But on the other hand . . . FilmEdge wouldn't have guessed that Real Time with Bill Maher would be an obvious choice for Olivia to appear "promoting" the film (since she was introduced as starring in TRON LEGACY). No mention was made of the film in typical 'talk show' terms, and Wilde was clearly speaking her own mind as an individual, not as an actress nor a representative of TRON. Which leaves no apparent relation to Olivia appearing on Maher's show but the timing.

Coincidence? Who can say? We'll find out tomorrow at LA's IMAX event! But if by some slim chance Olivia Wilde does make an appearance, remember you heard it here speculatively and first!

Be sure to watch this FilmEdge blog and our coverage of TRON LEGACY for breaking news and reports from Saturday's IMAX preview event later this afternoon — as soon as we can get back to our wired gear to tweet, blog and publish our full recap of the event. Oh, I encourage you to follow FilmEdge on Twitter and subscribe to our blog to get our first alerts on TRON news today and all year long.

FilmEdge Will See You at the TRON LEGACY IMAX Event Saturday

Feb 24 2010 — It took some quick clicking, but FilmEdge managed to get a ticket to this Saturday's exclusive TRON LEGACY IMAX event in Los Angeles, one of five cities (with New York, London, Toronto and Sydney) hosting this special screening.

Ticket to exclusive TRON LEGACY IMAX event this weekend

Will it be the expected new TRON LEGACY trailer debut (in IMAX 3D no less!), the trailer plus some panel discussion, an added level of the FlynnLives viral campaign for fans to complete, or some other TRON-related event? We already know that the FlynnLives site awarded a 'Screen Scene' badge to friends of the Flynn Lives Facebook profile who scored tickets, so this event is definitely hard-wired into the viral campaign.  The page which previously debuted the test footage reel has now been rebuilt and awaits entry of five codes — presumably by fans who may receive those codes at Saturday's screenings.  Once those five codes are entered, will they unlock the page to deliver the new TRON LEGACY trailer to all fans across the Internet?  That's our bet, given how Wednesday's viral scavenger hunt paid off.

The Los Angeles screening 'sold out' in less than two minutes, and the New York event in about six minutes. But there's a question now: did overzealous fans around the globe accidentally order tickets to the LA screening because they didn't choose their own local city from the pull-down menu under the Los Angeles venue option?

Granted fans in LA are no less eager to attend this TRON LEGACY event, but it did sell out ridiculously fast — by the time FilmEdge got its ticket to show up in the browser and returned to the PitCell site, Los Angeles was already unavailable. And we think we got our ticket RIGHT as the site released them, since the graphics for the links hadn't even finished loading yet when we clicked in. That is one fast sell out!

For Los Angeles-area fans, there may be some hope if this 'glitch' (user inattention, actually) unfairly affected ticket availability: since only fans registered at could reserve tickets, presumably Disney can tell by user account who is and is not in the LA area to attend the event. Unless fans hop a jet to fly in on Saturday (I wouldn't put it past some fans), likely those fans could not be in LA for the screening. If Disney can get a hard number of 'available' tickets from such far-flung users, perhaps they could make passes available in that limited amount again? Just a thought, FilmEdge makes NO guarantees that will happen of if it's even possible!

FilmEdge hopes this gets worked out to everyone's satisfaction and as many Los Angeles TRON fans can attend on Saturday as possible. We'll see you there and FilmEdge will report on our experience at the TRON LEGACY IMAX event after it concludes. We suggest you subscribe to the FilmEdge Blog to get quick notification when our article is published Saturday afternoon. Congratulations to everyone who scored tickets — and as of this posting, fans can still reserve tickets in London and Sydney at now!

TRON LEGACY New Viral Site Announces IMAX Event Saturday

Feb 24 2010 — Earlier this afternoon, the TRON LEGACY viral site filled in the missing squares to complete the new photo still from the film:

New TRON LEGACY image debuts at viral site

Now what does this image mean or depict? Well, it's not a new teaser trailer. Yet. It's either a new promotional still from the film or perhaps some base for a teaser poster — FilmEdge is guessing the former option now. We're also guessing that this image depicts Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) entering some venue in the Tron world/city — perhaps going to the gaming grid? The physique doesn't appear that of Jeff Bridges, and that certainly doesn't look like Olivia Wilde from this angle!

More importantly, the Bit below the image on the site links to the new viral website which announces an exclusive limited IMAX event this weekend in New York, Los Angeles, London, Toronto and Sydney.   Only registered members of will be able to register for tickets to this Saturday's event by visiting the website at the designated local times (4pm ET/1pmPT). I hope the servers can handle the traffic, and good luck getting your tickets tomorrow!

FilmEdge is happy to see Day One of this FlynnLives viral campaign go so smoothly and gain such enthusiastic participation from TRON fans. Except for those in Madrid, apparently. Stay tuned to and the FilmEdge blog for continuing TRON LEGACY updates — because sleep is so overrated!

TRON LEGACY Sent on Search Mission to Join FlynnLives Team

Feb 24 2010 — The viral countdown has ended at FlynnLives and fans are being recruited to find a contact in 25 cities around the world to join the TRON LEGACY secret mission. Here are the details so far:

TRON LEGACY activates cities for viral fan eventAs of 8am Wednesday, only three of the 25 cities have been activated: Chicago, Orlando and Paris. Fans in those cities have been given a .pdf file with a location in their town and a time at which they need to find a FlynnLives contact identified by their shirt of the same name.

Their mission: find that contact, receive a code to enter online at the site and become on of their city's registered operatives. Two cities, New York and Los Angeles, have been allotted two locations to recruit their fan operatives. This 'scevenger hunt' for a FlynnLives contact activated in the first three cities around 11am ET, though not all cities in the Eastern US time zone have activated yet. Presumably more cities will activate as the day progresses.

Watch for your city to go online soon and good luck joining the FlynnLives team of fan operatives! FilmEdge will update the TRON LEGACY viral fan event all day, so stay tuned!

UPDATE #1: As of 11:45am ET, Chicago and Paris have already filled their roster of 66 fan operatives!  When your city activates, you'll have to move fast to find your local FlynnLives contact if you want to make the team!

UPDATE #2: As of Noon ET, Atlanta, Boston and Madrid have been activated.  Orlando remains incomplete.

UPDATE #3: Orlando recruiting complete.  First two operatives have logged in with their code, #44 and 16.

Click to view full size screen imageUPDATE #4: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Orlando and Paris have their fan operatives, with Madrid still seeking its recruit. As of 12:50pm ET, eight operatives have logged in with their codes. If you click on their photos on the grid of 66 spaces, the images flip over — and a patter of a Tron-style program character is emerging from the tiled mosaic. FilmEdge's early guess is this might be the design logo seen on the t-shirt of the FlynnLives contact fans are seeking in their cities, but that's speculation.

UPDATE #5: we may have misinterpreted one aspect of the game: players are filling in 66 codes to complete the mosaic image on the FlynnLives website (presumably revealing a teaser poster image). These 66 slots may have NO bearing on how many fan operatives are activated in a given city.

UPDATE #6: Via Tweets from TRON fans playing along with today's FlynnLives hunt, player Miss Selector has a great personal account of meeting her contact and finding clues to complete her mission. Blog with photos and French/English comments, enjoy!

UPDATE #7: Adding a screen grab of the mosaic image FlynnLives fan operatives are completing as they enter clue codes — looks like a new teaser poster image so far.

UPDATE #8: 17 cities have completed their fan drops on the FlynnLives site, but the Madrid drop has now been cancelled. What, there are NO fans of TRON anywhere near Madrid with an internet connection? Perhaps Disney will relocate the operative drop and reschedule, if time allows in the game, we'll see. That, or presumably they will fill in the missing code(s) to complete the image unveiling. With no text evident in the image at all, we're still guessing it may be a teaser poster… unless it's an image when becomes a live link to the next level of the campaign. Or both

UPDATE #9: We've received word that the Madrid fan operative materials will be redistributed to another location and time not yet announced. So the game will go on and be completed by fans as designed!  Congratulations to all the fan operatives for fulfilling their missions today.

FilmEdge Just Misses Out Being FlynnLIves Fan Operative

Feb 24 2010 — FilmEdge just missed being a TRON LEGACY fan operative in the FlynnLives viral campaign which began this morning. As the saying goes: close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

When the Los Angeles 1 location activated on the Zero Hour website at noon PT, I was stunned that the drop was so close to FilmEdge's base of operation, less than two miles away. I printed the info sheet and raced to the location, expecting to find another gaming arcade but instead found myself at NoHo Scooters! Right address, so I went in to find a rather befuddled store owner and another fan. But hidden in the back of the shop was a small room with four classic arcade consoles and the FlynnLives operative, Agent D, playing an original TRON arcade game.

Sadly, I was not the first to find him as two fans beat us there and were signing their paperwork to begin their mission. Agent D handed off that scrawny little cellphone to the player — I didn't get his name, as he was rather eager to begin his quest.

The owner said he'd had the TRON game for many years and seemed quite overwhelmed that Disney had picked his scooter shop, not to mention by strangers off the street suddenly barging in asking "Is a guy wearing a Flynn Lives shirt in your store?" Another fan arrived while I was there which brought the total I saw to five, all within 15 minutes of the location going live on the site.

Agent D said the first players arrived very shortly after our local Zero Hour, so FilmEdge highly suggests you proceed quickly (and safely!) to your city's drop spot once it's announced! Kudos to the 'winning' fans and thanks to Agent D for the brief chat. FilmEdge continues to follow this breaking TRON LEGACY news all day.

Btw, Madrid fans — where are you? Your FlynnLives contact still shows your city as available even hours after it was first activated?! Hey Disney, if Madrid doesn't want their fan drop, we'll take it.

TRON LEGACY Viral Mission Recruits Fan Operatives

Feb 23 2010 — Tonight FilmEdge received an email from FlynnLives hinting at the next phase of the TRON LEGACY viral campaign which kicks into gear just hours from now:

To all those who passionately believe that Kevin Flynn, digital pioneer and legendary game designer, is still alive… LISTEN UP!

Our last event at Flynn's Arcade was a call-to-arms for those of us who won't buy into Encom-driven public propaganda about what happened. We're not crazy – there's more to this story than they are letting out.

Today, we have the chance to find out more… to get closer to the truth. WE NEED YOUR HELP!


We need operatives in 25 different cities around the world on Wednesday, February 24th. Organize now.

As we predicted in our previous reports, the FlynnLives/zerohour viral countdown will likely trigger an interactive fan event launching (in some aspect) on Wednesday morning in the 25 designated cities.

The email also encourages fans to sign up for "private Member Profile pages to better organize our group," which implies that FlynnLives will soon launch into a full-function fan website with the typical data and communication functions. If you haven't signed up already, do it here.

As of this posting, the viral-fan mission will be revealed in about eight hours. Stay tuned to's coverage of TRON LEGACY for all the breaking news Wednesday morning!

Final 24 Hours of TRON LEGACY Viral Countdown

Feb 23 2010 — As of this blog post, less than 20 hours remain in the TRON LEGACY viral countdown at theFlynnLives website, which puts Zero Hour at 11am ET/8am PT on Wednesday, February 24th.  So what's the next play in this game on the internet grid?

We know the viral campaign targets these 25 cities around the globe:


As FilmEdge proposed last week, our bet remains that Disney will announce some interactive fan event similar to how Warners promoted THE DARK KNIGHT at Comic-Con a couple years ago.

Next guess: it will likely involve the use of Facebook — either for participating or fan-reporting of the event — since Disney has full embraced the social networking tool in multiple feature film campaigns including next month's ALICE IN WONDERLAND.   The Mouse created multiple character profiles to cross-pollinate fan participation in ALICE publicity, leading up to last Friday's live fan event in Hollywood (which treated lucky participants to a full preview screening of  Tim Burton's film).  Also, Facebook has proven itself an incredibly handy tool for grassroots viral marketing at the fan level, since participants can broadcast live updates, mobile photos and video as it happens.

TRON LEGACY doesn't have much of a Facebook presence yet by Disney's own standards, so such an international fan call to action would make a great launch for the title nine months out from its December theatrical release.

Now some pure FilmEdge speculation: it would make sense on multiple levels if such a fan event were related to video gaming, either at the arcade or home platform level . . . this is basic TRON 101, thematically.  Disney has already taken this approach by launching the reappearance of Flynn's Arcade at Comic-Con last summer: fans who attended the TRON panel received special tokens which admitted them to an off-site exclusive fan event with stars Jeff BridgesGarrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde, plus an unveiling of the life-size LightCycle prop from TRON LEGACY.  We know the TRON: EVOLUTION video game isn't scheduled for release until late this year, so that seems an unlikely tie-in this early.

Fans still clamor for a new trailer and this remains the top contender for Disney's revelation, with fans in the 25 cities somehow finding/receiving first clues on how to see it in a secret local theater location.  Presumably the timing fits neatly into a theatrical release of a new TRON LEGACY trailer attached to ALICE opening March 5th.   Kicking this prospect up another notch is the possibility such a trailer could be screened in 3D for fans in these cities, giving us our first real look at the film itself (not the 2008 visual effects test reel) on the big screen and in digital 3D format.

We'll know a lot more by tomorrow morning and FilmEdge will report the news as soon as we get it.

TRON LEGACY Viral Countdown Reveals List of 25 Cities

Feb 19 2010 — Overnight, the viral countdown at the TRON LEGACY FlynnLives website, has indeed revealed a list of 25 cities around the world, beginning with NEW YORK which FilmEdge deciphered yesterday.  Here's the complete list as decipherable now:


UPDATE: As of Friday afternoon, the second city name listed now appears to be DENVER.  FilmEdge is still guessing, but the letter spacing fits this city which Detroit did not.  Also the horizontal bar character where the N would appear in DENVER also matches the bar currently seen in the N space of SAN DIEGO.

Will these be the cities where a new TRON LEGACY trailer debuts next Wednesday, or will there be some exterior display revealed?  Or will some announcement be made at Zero Hour next week involving these cities in some Comic-Con style fan event or stunt?  The mystery continues a bit longer even though we've solved one piece of this puzzle with four days to go.  FilmEdge will continue pursuing clues (Clu's?) to what this all means — you've got to love viral publicity intrigue!

TRON LEGACY Viral Countdown Slowly Revealing Hidden City in Code?

TRON LEGACY Viral Countdown Reveals Hidden CodeFeb 18 2010 — The viral countdown continues at the TRON LEGACY FlynnLives website, with ticks of the digital clock also slowly revealing a text code at the bottom of the page (click image to view full size screen grab of recent view).  While it's still too early to decipher this code, FilmEdge has spotted one possible clue revealed which fits the revealed letters so far: will the N W YO letters and spaces eventually read NEW YORK?

We're still scouring the site for more relevant words in this letter soup like TRAILER, nor do we see anything resembling numbers or a URL address, but not enough code has filled in to verify any such answers to this viral puzzle.

Time is on the side of TRON LEGACY fans now, as every passing minute has the potential to unlock vital clues in this unfolding mystery — and it sure is an involving publicity gimmick by Disney to keep blogs, websites and users buzzing about the film!  FilmEdge continues to monitor revelations and will report any important updates here on our site and on the FilmEdge blog.  Stay tuned!

Flynn Lives Website Viral Countdown to Next TRON LEGACY Surprise

New viral site addition counts down to the next TRON LEGACY surpriseFeb 15 2010 — Word spread quickly today that the viral campaign for Disney's TRON LEGACY kicked into a new gear: select recipients got a package delivery containing a 3D figure of the Bit seen as Kevin Flynn's digital co-pilot in TRON.  But the packaging itself left the next viral clue: /zerohour as seen in the package photo offered by  Add this directory extension to the original viral site unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con last summer and you arrive at a simply animated grid of on-and-off bits.

It didn't take long to decipher this animation is a countdown clock in binary form: four columns represent (left to right) days, hours, minutes and seconds.  In FilmEdge's screen grab, the countdown stood at 8 days, 12 hours, 38 minutes and 17 seconds . . . but until what?  A new character photo, or LightCycle poster or perhaps the long-awaited teaser trailer?  Does the viral message in binary (bit) format offer any clues to what this surprise might be?  Nearly all such releases arrive in digital download format now, so that's no real insight.  But FilmEdge is guessing this will be a significant item unveiled since new posters and photos have arrived already this year without such viral fanfare as this binary puzzle!

In any case, the countdown implies some TRON LEGACY surprise will be revealed on February 24th at 11am ET/8am PT (if my math is correct), perhaps at the FlynnLives viral site or via a Disney studio press release.  This would seem consistent since Disney has already made dates with the media for ALICE IN WONDERLAND publicity releases each Wednesday. Stay tuned as FilmEdge pursues this mystery in the coming week!

FilmEdge Debuts First Jeff Bridges Photo from TRON LEGACY

First Kevin Flynn pic now in PhotosFeb 02 2010 — With nanosecond-timing only the Master Control Program once possessed, today Disney released its first official photo of Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn in TRON LEGACY on the same day Bridges received an Oscar nomination for his role in CRAZY HEART.   The caption for the pic reads that this new image is a "FILM FRAME" which makes this one of our first glimpses into the actual look of the feature instead of promotional photos or artwork.  Given how the original 1982 TRON beamed user Kevin Flynn directly into the virtual world on the other side of the screen, the sight of Flynn with the disc on his back is delightfully mindblowing. 

View the new high-res pic in our Photos Sector

TRON LEGACY Yellow LightCycle Now on FilmEdge in High Resolution

Jan 22 2010 — Disney just sent FilmEdge a mega-high res image of the TRON LEGACY Yellow LightCycle which MTV debuted in low-res yesterday.  And we mean this file is mega-high res: the poster image is 3116x1179 pixels, offering the best details seen yet!  Get the image file and read our comments on this new poster in the Downloads Sector now. Enjoy!

TRON LEGACY Yellow LightCycle Rezzes up in MTV Exclusive Debut

New TRON LEGACY LightCycle imageJan 21 2010 — A brand new teaser poster rezzed up on the MTV Movies Blog giving us their exclusive first look at a yellow LightCycle from the highly anticipated TRON LEGACY.  FilmEdge will provide a larger hi-res photo when available, meanwhile click on the image left or the blog link above to view.

Director Joseph Kosinski revealed more details about the 3D high-tech adventure which opens December 17th 2010, including: specs on the 3D cameras used during production (next gen advanced beyond AVATAR), which versions of Kevin Flynn and Clu actor Jeff Bridges will portray, and the creative synchronicity between Kosinski and score musicians Daft Punk. 

The director confirmed that the 3D effect kicks in when the film enters the world of Tron in a WIZARD OF OZ-like transition when color burst onto the screen — sounds like a cool concept to separate the real and virtual worlds!  Though Kosinski's "Clu 2.0" comment has us wondering if Bridges will appear un-aged as his digital alter ego, or will Clu have 'evolved' too on the other side of the monitor?  Tantalizing teasers abound and FilmEdge is drooling at the prospects of what we'll see in 3D when TRON LEGACY arrives this December!

Disney Drops New TRON EVOLUTION Promo Art into Facebook Fans' Inbox

Dec 16 2009 — Today Disney rewarded ten fans of the official TRON Facebook profile with a first look at a new TRON LEGACY promo image, a widescreen shot of Sam on his LightCycle racing along the virual landscape.  Get your first look at this new image now in Downloads.

Disney Delivers Official Title Art and Game Stills from TRON EVOLUTION

New game stills from TRON EVOLUTIONDec 14 2009 — Disney gave FilmEdge four new official images from the upcoming TRON EVOLUTION video game which had its trailer debut this past weekend at the VGAs.  Highlights from the press release include news that Olivia Wilde will reprise her film role as Quorra in EVOLUTION, which is set before the story of TRON LEGACY as events shape Quorra's character.  Also director Joseph Kosinski consulted on the game trailer and will do the same during game production in 2010.  Link up to the new official images and press release for complete details on this highly anticipated tie-in game due one year from now.

Spike VGAs World Premieres Game Trailer for TRON EVOLUTION

Dec 12 2009 — Tonight Spike's 2009 Video Game Awards show debuted the trailer for TRON EVOLUTION, the upcoming game prequel to the events of TRON LEGACY coming to game consoles during the holiday season of 2010.  Read game details, watch the trailer in HD and view screen cap images now!

Disney Delivers New TRON LEGACY Poster, Photo and Synopsis

Dec 10 2009 — FILMEDGE now has hi-resolution images of the new TRON LEGACY one-sheet and production photo in Downloads.

Dec 9 2009 — Disney rezzed up two new First Look images via MSN today: a slick, glossy TRON LEGACY teaser poster and a production photo capturing a moody moment between Sam and Quorra in their luminescent suits.  Preview the images and read more about their details in our Download sector now, along with an updated official story synopsis in our Players file!

Medicom Releases Mickey Mouse TRON VCD Figure This Weekend

Medicom Mickey Tron figureNov 8 2009 — Japan's Medicom Toy is releasing its special edition Mickey Mouse Tron VCD figure this weekend at Medicom retailers around the world.  The collectible figure, arriving in anticipation of next year's TRON LEGACY debut in theaters, combines fans' enthusiasm for the the TRON franchise and Disney's most famous character creation.  Tron Mickey stands about five inches tall, complete with Blue Program attire and helmet, ready for action on the game grid.  Cast in vinyl, the figure is expected to sell out quickly, so secure your order today at your Medicom retailer.  Thanks to FreshnessMag for the info.

TRON LEGACY Summoned to Script Ouija-based Story for Universal

Nov 2 2009 — Per The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision blog, TRON LEGACY screenwriters Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz have been summoned forth by Universal Studios to pen a script based on the studio's development deal with Hasbro.  This six-year partnership to spawn feature films based on Hasbro's board game properties raised eyebrows and suspicions of creative drought, but this product-inspired film could scare up some buzz.  The blog reports: "The studio is looking at the project as a supernatural action-adventure movie. It is possible that certain rules of the game — never use it alone, never use it in a graveyard, always say good-bye — figure into the plot."   Without any pre-existing narrative from the utterly interactive game, Kitsis and Horowitz should have free hands to develop a thrilling original tale with the Ouija game's mystical reputation at its core.  With the pop culture popularity of Ghost Hunters and indie hit PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, the Ouija movie could spell frighteningly good box office success if wisely developed and written by the LOST-alumni scribes.

Fake TRON LEGACY Poster Stirs Interest Online But Credibility De-rezzes

Fake TRON posterOct 26 2009 — A new TRON LEGACY poster design has appeared online, but cool your Lightcycle engines, it contains several clues that indicate it's likely an unofficial fanmade creation.  The most obvious telltale evidence this is a fake is that the 'TRON' lettering design does not match that seen in official Disney artwork and the Visual EFX test trailer shown earlier this year at Comic-Con: the T and R join in a square not round edge in this poster.  Also, the aspect ratio of the poster art is squashed so round objects are elongated eggs.  Plus the June 7 release date is entirely wrong, as are the qualifications about appearing in "certain IMAX 3D locations" which is both incorrect and omitting the Disney Digital 3D mention.  Presented for your amusement, but so fake!

GameRevolution Features Interview with TRON LEGACY Producers

Oct 26 2009 — Chris Hudak at GameRevolution features his interview with TRON LEGACY producers Steven Lisberger and Sean Bailey to get some virtual scoop on the plans for an eventual, seemingly unavoidable tie-in video game.  The highlight hint offered by Bailey: "There will be some surprises in terms of characters — there are some exciting ideas, and some new stuff to play with. Some new toys."  That about as vague as one can be without saying nothing, but good to know the filmmakers gave thought to gaming potential outside the film while creating it.  Jump the link to read the full article for more hints and insights.

Olivia Wilde Reveals Daft Punk Will Appear in TRON LEGACY

Oct 05 2009 — MTV Movies Blog breaks the exclusive news that TRON LEGACY soundtrack artists Daft Punk will also have cameo roles in the film, according to an Olivia Wilde interview.  The French house music creators usually don futurist space helmets and costumes during performances, so it's impossible to tell if they'll appear on screen in the flesh or disguised as Tron-world characters for now.  But fans may well get a good look at the duo next year as Wilde also revealed that Disney is exploring ways to incorporate Daft Punk into promotions of the film next year, perhaps even at Comic-Con next Summer.  Jump the link to watch video of Olivia's MTV interview.

Olivia Says TRON LEGACY is Wild and Amazing

Oct 03 2009 — published an exclusive interview snippet with TRON LEGACY star Olivia Wilde who describes her experience making the high-tech adventure as "wild and amazing."  While the story concept was mind-blowing, the actress considers this film "the most difficult thing I've ever done. We shot some 20-hour days, we were wearing the suits, which are not easy to wear. I was doing a lot of my own stunts and training a lot of the time. Really pushing myself physically as well as mentally. It was an epic undertaking. It was a HUGE film to shoot in those few days. I was so proud to be a part of it."  Jump the link to read the rest of the interview including her enthuasism for reprising her yet-unrevealed role.

TRON LEGACY Will Open in IMAX 3D Simultaneous with Wide Release

Sept 17 2009 — Walt Disney Studios and IMAX Corporation announced today that TRON LEGACY will debut in IMAX 3D simultaneously with its wide theatrical release (also in Disney Digital 3D) on December 17, 2010:

Directed by Joseph Kosinski, Tron: Legacy will be digitally re-mastered into the unparalleled image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience® with IMAX DMR® (Digital Re-Mastering) technology. Tron: Legacy is the third film of the previously announced five-picture agreement between IMAX and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

Mark Zoradi, president of Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture Group, boasts "This is an ideal movie for IMAX's immersive format. Tron: Legacy already packs a punch in Disney Digital 3D(TM), and to give audiences the option to experience the enhanced premium IMAX 3D version is a real treat. We're particularly excited to reach a much wider audience now that the IMAX network is expanding with its digital locations."

Greg Foster, Chairman and President of IMAX Filmed Entertainment, agrees stating, "We share a common goal with our partners at Disney, which is to transport people to places they normally can't go, and the world of Tron is certainly one of those cool places.  Since I saw the first glimpse of Tron: Legacy in 3D over a year ago, I've felt it was the perfect match for the The IMAX Experience."

Michael Sheen Goes Nightclubbing in TRON LEGACY

Sept 14 2009 — files exclusive news that actor Michael Sheen (FROST/NIXON) will play a nightclub host in TRON LEGACY, due in theaters next December.  While little else is known about his character, his comments offer some clues that he exists on the virtual-side of the story: "That was amazing, because there's a lot of green screen in that. But my stuff was mainly in this amazing set that they built because I'm a nightclub host, so they built the nightclub and there were hundreds of extras and it was one of those great scenes where there's just loads going on." Yet his next comment may bury the needle of fans' geek-meters when Sheen hinted at the new visual effects in the film as compared to the Effects Test Reel first shown in 2008: "[Director Joseph Kosinski] now says that he doesn't like people seeing that because it's moved on so much from that, and that looks awesome."  Read the full story by jumping the link above.

View FilmEdge's TRON LEGACY Photo Gallery from Disney's D23 Expo

Click to view the D23 Expo photo gallery

Sept 14 2009 — Our FilmEdge roaming reporters snapped a tone of pics for our exclusive D23 Expo photo gallery from Disney's debut fan event this weekend.  I've gathered the best shots and put them into our flash image gallery page, including plenty of pics of the life-size Lightcycle prop from TRON LEGACY.  You'll also get photo previews of concept and character art from Robert Zemeckis' 3D holiday tale A CHRISTMAS CAROL starring Jim Carrey, props from the set of Tim Burton's ALICE IN WONDERLAND starring Johnny Depp, design models from upcoming Disney theme park attractions from California Adventure and Hong Kong Disneyland, and much more!

TRON LEGACY Star Jeff Bridges May Reunite with Coen Brothers

Sept 11 2009 — Variety reported yesterday that TRON franchise star Jeff Bridges may be rebooting another cinematic character, substituting six shooters for lightcycles.  Bridges may reunite with THE BIG LEBOWSKI duo Joel and Ethan Coen in their adaptation of the 1969 classic TRUE GRIT, for which John Wayne won a Best Actor Oscar.

Steven Lisberger Confirms TRON LEGACY Game in Development

Sept 11 2009 — Latino Review met up with TRON LEGACY's Steven Lisberger at Disney's D23 Expo where the producer/co-writer confirmed that a movie-related video game is in our future.  The exact text of the news posting is: "Steven did confirm that yes, there IS a video game in the works by Disney Interactive. He said he wasn't sure if he should mention it or not, but he's confirming it anyway."  Of course, no word exists on release dates, features or platforms — and anything can happen in the game development universe, especially with movie tie-ins — but the virtual gears are spinning for now!

Disney Challenges Green Hornet with TRON LEGACY in December 2010

Sept 04 2009 — Just after Sony moved Seth Rogan's masked reboot of THE GREEN HORNET from a July 2010 release back to a mid-December debut, Disney rezzed up a December 17th release for TRON LEGACY, according to Variety.  With Disney purchasing Marvel Entertainment the very same week, the studio seems injected with superheroic confidence that their long-awaited TRON sequel/relaunch will triumph over its box office adversary to win the interest and ticket sales of the largely male demographic anticipating both films.  While both franchises will rely on a slightly older, nostalgic fanbase as their core target audience, TRON LEGACY has a two-year advantage over HORNET with genre fans, thanks to consecutive buzz-building appearances at Comic-Con where its trailer debuted in 3D this summer.  Plus the unlikely Rogan vehicle has already struggled in pre-production, especially after losing their Kato per MTV, which can only boost Disney's confidence in next December's theatrical race.

TRON Presentation Highlights D23 Expo Schedule September 10-13

Sept 04 2009 — Rezzing up more energy for TRON LEGACY, writer/director Steven Lisberger will host a one-hour presentation at the upcoming D23 Expo fan event at the Anaheim Convention Center.  On Friday the 11th at 4pm, Lisberger spans the cyber-history of the franchise, from his ground-breaking 1982 film TRON and extending to next year's reboot/sequel TRON LEGACY.  Here's the official program promo:

Steven Lisberger, director of 1982's Tron, is a special guest as the D23 Expo offers an exclusive exploration of the science-fiction classic, including glimpses of the upcoming Tron: Legacy. A fascinating discussion will be followed by the first-ever digitally converted screening of the original Tron. No photography, filming or recording will be allowed.

But wait, there's more: Lisberger wraps up the discussion with a first-ever digitally converted screening of TRON as you've never seen it before! Be sure to check out the entire D23 Expo schedule of this high-profile four day event for more exclusive surprises!

Fanmade TRON LEGACY Poster and Wallpaper Express Enthusiasm

Aug 17 2009 — A couple of fanmade art works have surfaced at /Film: a nice rendering of the 5th-gen LightCycle by Simon Page sized for wallpaper use, and a few days prior James White released his version of a TRON LEGACY teaser poster.  Both are unabashedly unofficial but clearly express sparked imaginations at the concept of a Tron world having evolved in the cyberuniverse over two decades.  Disney's publicity department will have to rise to the occasion when the studio's official posters and wallpapers are released in the next year!

Daft Punk Finishes Recording TRON LEGACY Soundtrack

Aug 14 2009 — Renowned electronic genre musicians Daft Punk have finished composing and recording their music for the TRON LEGACY soundtrack, according to   Reported at Comic-Con 2009 by director Joseph Kosinski, the House music duo from France — Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter — have completed 24 tracks for the film, which picks up the TRON mythology twenty-plus years later.  In 1982, Moog synthesizer pioneer Wendy Carlos composed the Tron motion picture score, mixing symphonic orchestra with digital and analog electronic music.

TRON LEGACY Director Kosinski's Next Step: OBLIVION

July 29 2009 — While Joseph Kosinski has just finished principal filming on TRON LEGACY with Jeff Bridges, the director's already lined up his next project. OBLIVION, an original action feature Kosinski first developed four years ago, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  Kosinski will helm the project for Radical Pictures, simultaneously developing it as an illustrated novel for the comic publisher-turned-production house.

Flynn's Arcade Has Comic-Con Fans Lined Up to Learn TRON LEGACY Secrets

The new LightCycle from TRON LEGACYJuly 26 2009 — At the Disney 3D panel during Thursday's Comic-Con events, attendees were given special coin tokens that gave them access to an off-site fan event in San Diego's Gaslight district: a night of Tron gaming and revelations at Flynn's Arcade.  Recreating a 1980s-vintage emporium from the film, the original "Home of Space Paranoids," guests played the Tron coin-op style games amid glowing neon signs and grid-master wannabes.  But the true prize was a secret passage which opened up into a room displaying concept art from TRON LEGACY, and eventually a life-size fifth-generation LightCycle prop riding a turntable to show off the new bike's sleek, sophsticated design.  View the complete Flynn's Arcade Photo Gallery here.

A huge success, prompting fans to line up for over an hour to enter, Flynn's Arcade 'viral' event was the first of several off-site panels and exhibits which allow studios much greater control over the environment and content of their presentations than available in the Convention Center expo itself.  According to analysis of this growing phenomenon by The Hollywood Reporter, and studios' recent reluctance to confine their promos to booths on the SDCC floor, Comic-Con's expansion into feature film marketing may well have exploded beyond the current scope of the annual gathering.  Several studios seem reluctant to rub elbows with a crowd of competitors from all pop media, and a few are now raising the stakes on their own terms — see Disney's self-branding D23 Expo coming up this fall which will be wall-to-wall Mouse House for fans.

Comic-Con Fans Rezzed Up with Excitement over TRON LEGACY Trailer

July 23 2009 — There hasn't been this much excitement on the grid since Flynn helped destroy the Master Control Program at ENCOM.  Walt Disney Pictures wowed the Comic-Con faithful in San Diego on Thursday with their panel presentation and effects trailer for TRON LEGACYWatch the TRON LEGACY video preview here.

While the visual effects test footage actually debuted at SDCC in 2008 under a TR2N title, the TRON LEGACY preview 'trailer' made its 3D premiere this year, amping up interest even higher.  Patton Oswalt hosted the panel featuring director Joseph Kosinski, stars Jeff Bridges, Olivia Wilde, Garrett Hedlund and TRON writer/director Steven Lisberger.  Bridges revealed that "this is the story of a son's search for his father," developing as the world of Tron has evolved in a server computer over the last two decades.  Kosinski presented several concept art images, offering fans a glimpse into how Tron City and its inhabitant programs have grown "more realistic, darker, more visceral, more physical.TRON LEGACY will be presented in IMAX 3D late 2010, which should make a visually stunning return to this virtual world.

UPDATE: Hall H Coverage has high-quality video of the TRON LEGACY panel in three segments, definitely worth watching to get more quotes and insights from the cast and creative team.