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Watch FilmEdge's exclusive interview with TRON:LEGACY producer and TRON director Steven Lisberger

Apr 5 2011 — In FilmEdge's exclusive video interview, TRON:LEGACY producer and TRON creator/director Steven Lisberger discusses how technology affected the making of his 1982 film, and which aspects of technology he could never have predicted shaped the making of TRON:LEGACY in 2010.

Watch FilmEdge.net's additional TRON:LEGACY interviews with director Joe Kosinski, VFX supervisor Eric Barda, and more with Steven Lisberger coming soon. Subscribe to FilmEdge.net's YouTube Channel to see them first.

FilmEdge has clues to discover the 9 hidden Easter Eggs found on the TRON:LEGACY Blu-ray disc

Apr 4 2011 — In FilmEdge's review of the TRON:LEGACY 5-disc 3D/Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack, we previewed the TRON:LEGACY bonus features and hinted at some clues to discovering more. Now, on the eve of TRON:LEGACY and TRON's Blu-ray debut, we bring you the complete list of hidden Easter Eggs and preview what you'll see when you find them. Don't read further if you're avoiding spoilers.

Discover TRON:LEGACY exclusive bonus features with Disney's interactive (and cool) Second Screen app

Apr 4 2011 — One of the must-see bonus features available on the TRON:LEGACY Blu-ray disc is Disney's exclusive Second Screen: an interactive high-tech (and free) app you download to your iPad or laptop computer, which syncs extra concept art, production photos and more to the movie in real time playback via your internet-connected device. FilmEdge got to test the TRON:LEGACY Second Screen app before it goes live online and it's a brilliant blend of interactive technology with TRON design and mythology, with a cool factor that's off the charts. Watch a preview video of the TRON:LEGACY Second Screen app and view our high-res image gallery online now!

Kosinski and Lisberger TRON:LEGACY signing event + discount coupon offer

Apr 4 2011 — Disney continues rezzing up special events and fan offers celebrating the 3D Blu-ray and DVD release of TRON:LEGACY and the Blu-ray debut of TRON: The Original Classic this Tuesday, April 5th:

First, fans in the Los Angeles area will have a chance to meet TRON:LEGACY director Joseph Kosinski and producer/creator Steven Lisberger at a special signing event on Tuesday night at the Best Buy in West Hollywood. The two filmmakers will be signing Blu-ray and DVD versions of TRON:LEGACY and TRON starting at 7:30-8:30pm.  Also, fans everywhere can print an exclusive discount coupon via Disney Movie Rewards to save $5 off the purchase of the TRON:LEGACY 4-disc Combo Pack or the 5-disc TRON:LEGACY/TRON Combo Pack at retailers.

Watch FilmEdge's exclusive interviews with TRON:LEGACY filmmakers Joe Kosinski and Eric Barda

Apr 3 2011 — In FilmEdge's exclusive video interviews, TRON:LEGACY director Joseph Kosinski discusses events in the Blu-ray bonus feature The Next Day and what they might imply for the Dillingers and ENCOM in a third film. Then visual effects supervisor Eric Barda talks about the challenge of transforming actor Jeff Bridges into his younger self as Clu 2.0, which Barda considers one of the most difficult effects ever created. Kosinski also speaks briefly about the return of 'Ram' (Dan Shor) in the bonus features and possibilities of other TRON characters returning in TRON 3.

Watch Joseph Kosinski interview part 1 and Eric Barda interview part 1 now online. FilmEdge.net will post more TRON:LEGACY interviews with Kosinski, Barda and TRON producer/creator Steven Lisberger soon. Subscribe to FilmEdge.net's YouTube Channel to see them first.

FilmEdge reviews the TRON:LEGACY / TRON 5-disc 3D/Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack

Mar 25 2011 — Fans and programs, your wait is over as Disney releases its ultimate two-movie collection with the 5-disc TRON:LEGACY/Original TRON in a 3D Blu-ray/Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack. TRON:LEGACY and the classic TRON Special Edition arrive in stores on April 5th, but FilmEdge has your first look early review of the massive 5-disc collection featuring both films and a detailed look at all the bonus features.

Order the TRON:LEGACY/TRON 5-disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack Order the TRON:LEGACY 4-disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack from Amazon Order the TRON: Original Classic 2-disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack from Amazon
Tron: Legacy/Tron: The Original Classic 5-disc Tron: Legacy 4-Disc Blu-ray/DVDCombo Pack Tron: The Original Classic (2-Disc Blu-ray/DVD)

TRON:LEGACY viral video 'The Next Day' recaps the ARG and maybe previews plot for a TRON 3

Mar 12 2011 — Call it a continuation of the TRON:LEGACY ARG viral campaign, or a hint at what may come in a third TRON movie, or just a 'leaked' bonus feature previewing TRON:LEGACY's Blu-ray/DVD release on April 5, but the new YouTube video which has surfaced is definitely intriguing to say the least. Watch this interesting new TRON viral video to learn more and see still images.

TRON:LEGACY and classic TRON Blu-ray and DVD movie and bonus feature disc details revealed

Feb 11 2011 — Disney has sent FilmEdge its official press release detailing disc contents for TRON:LEGACY and the classic original TRON coming to Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, DVD, Movie Download and On-Demand on April 5, 2011, plus the TRON:LEGACY Soundtrack Reconfigured. Preview the movie and bonus feature details for each Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack and edition and pre-order any now at Amazon.com.

TRON:LEGACY's sound design team faced a next-generation technical challenge on the grid

Jan 13 2011 — Tonight FilmEdge attended a special gathering of key sound designers and editors from the post-production crew of Disney's hit TRON:LEGACY, revealing many of the audio secrets behind the success of director Joe Kosinski's futurist sequel. TRON:LEGACY - The Sound Show is the latest in a series of events hosted by the Motion Picture Editors Guild which peel back the editorial creativity and hard work which elevate outstanding films. Read more about the unexpected audio challenge of Tron's glowing program costumes and how next-gen Light Cycles roared to virtual life on the game grid in our exclusive article.

Daft Punk's TRON:LEGACY original score debuts in Billboard's Top Ten and ranks #3 on iTunes

Dec 16 2010 — Word from Disney today that Daft Punk's excellent TRON:LEGACY soundtrack has debuted at #10 on the Billboard Top 200 album chart, the first soundtrack album to debut in the Top 10 in five years (since STAR WARS: REVENGE OF THE SITH in 2005). Since its December 7th release to the 12th, the TRON:LEGACY score sold 70,794 units in the United States and Canada alone. By comparison, Hans Zimmer's INCEPTION soundtrack has sold a total of 62,000 units to date since it debuted July 13th. Daft Punk's score debuted at #3 on iTunes's U.S. album chart as well. Read our full article on the FilmEdge Blog.

FilmEdge reviews Daft Punk's masterful TRON:LEGACY original score soundtrack

Dec 07 2010 — Delicate and scintillating as a microcircuit yet bold and daring as a high-speed Light Cycle chase, Daft Punk's dramatically integrated and towering original score for TRON:LEGACY is an immediate entry among top soundtracks of the year and merits Best Score nominations in the year-end cinema trophy season. Read FilmEdge's review now online.


Dec 03 2010 — TRON:LEGACY is a visual miracle of modern filmmaking telling a deceptively simple story with panache and energy, reconnecting to its origin story 28 years later with mind-blowing imagery and a plot flawed by human imperfections, just like the digital world it depicts. Saying you've never seen anything like it is both true and false, since it bears strong and sometimes ironic resemblance to its 1982 progenitor film TRON yet demonstrates a stunning mastery of design and effects which make it iconically unique. Buckle up, programs, this game is on! Read FilmEdge's full review of TRON:LEGACY now online.

FIlmEdge reviews THE ART OF TRON:LEGACY hardcover book

Nov 27 2010 — Anticipating the hotly awaited theatrical release of Disney's TRON:LEGACY, FilmEdge reviews the new hardcover book THE ART OF TRON:LEGACY which details in lavish, plentiful images how designers and visualists created the conceptual art defining the look of this glowing futurist fantasy world.

Watch third TRON:LEGACY payoff trailer in High Definition

Nov 09 2010 — Disney has released the new payoff trailer for TRON:LEGACY, which has a few new clips of young Kevin Flynn with his young son Sam before Kevin's disappearance, and several new shots of the LightJet battle sequence at the end of the trailer. Watch the trailer in streaming 1080p QuickTime HD video here on FilmEdge.net.

Watch 'Long Time' clip from TRON:LEGACY as Sam Flynn finally meets his father in the Tron universe

Nov 05 2010 — Watch the new clip Long Time from TRON:LEGACY as Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) meets his father Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) in a safehouse off the grid. View this film clip in 1080p QuickTime High Definition here on FilmEdge.net.

TRON LEGACY Triptych poster panels complete - download full-size combined poster image

Nov 05 2010 — It was a day late in delivery, but the third triptych poster for TRON:LEGACY was revealed today, completing the three-part image which was first introduced on TRON Tuesday earlier this week. As we expected, Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) appeared in this third triptych image, seen in close-up and holding his identity disc. On Tuesday, the first (left) image showed Clu 2.0 (also Bridges) looking out over the grid, and Wednesday's image of Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) and Quorra (Olivia Wilde) mirrored their pose in the recent payoff poster design (see below).  Now FilmEdge collects all three triptych images and combines them into a full-size panel available for downloading.

Click to download full-size TRON:LEGACY triptych poster panel

Watch and share new TRON:LEGACY interactive Motion Poster

Oct 27 2009 — Have a look at a new TRON:LEGACY interactive motion poster for online/viral use. This appears to be an International publicity piece due to the use of "in cinemas" which is often used in British/European markets instead of the American "in theaters" phrase. But it's all good!  Watch for more exciting TRON:LEGACY news tomorrow as FilmEdge.net turns TRON Night into TRON Day as well.

Disney debuts music video for Daft Punk's "Derezzed" track from TRON:LEGACY original score

Oct 26 2009 — Another TRON Tuesday and another treat from Disney: this time it's a music video sneak peek at Daft Punk's original score for TRON:LEGACY, featuring their track "Derezzed" and a compilation of clips from the film. Watch it on our Video Viewscreen.

D23 Fan Club reveals exclusive TRON:LEGACY magazine cover and article preview

Oct 23 2009 — The D23 Official Disney Fan Club and Wired.com have revealed the exclusive member-only cover art and photo preview of their Winter issue article with TRON:LEGACY headlining.  This issue hits bookshelves and members' mailboxes starting Novemeber 2nd, and features on the making of the film and its creators including director Joseph Kosinski and writer Steven Lisberger. Wired says:

The story includes interviews with the film's creators, including personal Tron memories from director Joseph Kosinski and writer Steven Lisberger, among others.

"The reason [the sequel's development] took the 25 to 28 years is because we needed the 10-year-olds to grow up and be powerful enough to make this movie so that they could take their 10-year-old sons to see it," says Lisberger in the feature.

Click to view member cover - retail cover - page 23 - page 25 - page 28 - mousepad gift or below to view page scans via Wired.com:

D23 magazine headlines TRON:LEGACY - preview page scans at Wired.com

Order TRON Kevin Flynn Classic Heroes Statue from Entertainment Earth   Order TRON Legacy Deluxe Light Cycle Vehicle from Entertainment Earth   Order TRON Legacy Deluxe Identity Disc Replica from Entertainment Earth   Order TRON Legacy Identity Disc Replica from Entertainment Earth

ElecTRONica pre-show ceremony video uploaded from FilmEdge.net

Oct 19 2009 — FilmEdge has uploaded our first video from ElecTRONica at Disney's California adventure, previewing TRON:LEGACY with live music, dancing and entertainment, happening Friday/Saturday/Sunday nights through December. Our first video is the entire pre-show opening ceremony taking place about an hour before the glowing portals open to reveal ElecTRONica in DCA's Hollywood Pictures Backlot. FilmEdge welcomes you to subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates as we add more ElecTRONica videos to our continuing TRON:LEGACY coverage.

TRON Tuesday 10.19.10 - Disney reveals new TRON:LEGACY payoff poster design at Yahoo Movies

Oct 19 2009 — This morning Disney revealed the new TRON:LEGACY pay-off poster design at Yahoo Movies, as the latest debut on TRON Tuesdays. This design features Garrett Hedlund as Sam Flynn and Olivia Wilde as Quorra, recreating the disc-raising pose of Bruce Boxleitner seen in the original TRON film. In the background, a next-gen Recognizer patrols the skies above Tron City while a next-gen solar sailer ship rides an energy beam across the grid. View the poster in FilmEdge's Download Sector.

Free preview tickets to see first 23 minutes of TRON:LEGACY in IMAX 3D released today

October 12 2010 — This morning free preview tickets to TRON Night 2010 were released to preview the first 23-minutes of TRON:LEGACY screening October 28th in IMAX 3D.  Get yours as long as supplies last and FilmEdge will see you there (if you're going to our local theater, that is.)

October 28th free 23-minute free preview screening of TRON:LEGACY in IMAX 3D

90-second video preview of Daft Punk 'The Game Has Changed' track from TRON:LEGACY

October 12 2010 — This morning the Tron UK and Ireland page on Facebook debuted a short video preview of Daft Punk's "The Game Has Changed" track from TRON:LEGACY. Get a first look at the musical duo's outfits as they appear in the film, and enjoy 90 seconds of the music cue.

Preview Daft Punk's music track from TRON:LEGACY

TRON:LEGACY soundtrack delay plus exclusive Daft Punk poster preview teaser

October 10 2010 — Get full details on Disney's TRON:LEGACY 10-week countdown including the October 28th free IMAX preview of the first 23-minutes of the film, plus more release details on Daft Punk's original soundtrack, the TRON: Evolution video game and more.

TRON:LEGACY soundtrack delay plus exclusive Daft Punk poster preview teaser

October 10 2010 — Mixed news about the TRON:LEGACY original score soundtrack coming from French electronic music duo Daft Punk:

The most recent press release from the Tron Soundtrack website announced that the release date of the TRON:LEGACY soundtrack CD has been pushed back to December 7th, a couple weeks after its previously announced street date of November 22nd. As the release phrased it in Tron-speak:

Please note, due to a recent system conflict, the Tron Legacy Soundtrack release date has been moved to December 7th.

No other explanation was offered, but the delay is understandable as the initial release date was nearly one month before TRON:LEGACY opens in theaters, which seemed quite early compared to the standard soundtrack release window for films. It's possible that pre-order quantities exceeded expectation and that physical production of the Digipak CD and poster required more time to print and ship than the previous date allowed (since all pre-order sets are guaranteed to arrive by the soundtrack street date).

Simultaneously, the soundtrack site released this teaser preview image of the exclusive Daft Punk poster which is available for those who pre-order the Deluxe Soundtrack package only available from the Tron Soundtrack site:

Preview tease of exclusive Daft Punk glow-in-the-dark poster available with deluxe soundtrack pre-order

The soundtrack site promised the full reveal image of the poster will rez up soon, with the full-size one-sheet poster shipping along with the physical Digipak CD of the score to purchasers to arrive on or before December 7th. Stay plugged in to FilmEdge for more TRON:LEGACY Soundtrack updates as they happen.

ElecTRONica opening night video highlights rock TRON:LEGACY party

October 9 2010 — FilmEdge recaps some video highlights of Friday night's ElecTRONica debut at Disney's California Adventure park, as the Hollywood Pictures Backlot was transformed into the glowing virtual world of TRON: LEGACY for a program-rocking party featuring film score tracks by Daft Punk. Watch the pre-show countdown to the ElecTRONica party and more in our VIdeo Viewscreen sector.

Game on at Flynn's Arcade tonight as ElecTRONica opens at Disney's California Adventure

October 8 2010 — Robin Trowbridge offered another ElecTRONica preview via Disney Parks Blog, revealing design plans and photos of Flynn's Arcade, opening tonight and recreated exclusively at Disney's California Adventure from the highly anticipated upcoming film TRON:LEGACY starring Jeff Bridges. Walk through the portals of Flynn's Arcade and you'll rez up back in 1982 when we first met Kevin Flynn, former programming genius of ENCOM about to take a fantastic journey inside the virtual universe of a computer.

Trowbridge, Entertainment Show Director of the Disneyland Resort, shared these design schematics and photos of the Imagineers' efforts to recreate Flynn's Arcade at DCA's Hollywood Pictures Backlot (click image to view full-size):

Entrance archway design for Flynn's Arcade at DCA's ElecTRONica

Design plans for recreating the Flynn's Arcade sign at DCA's ElecTRONica

Back from 1982, Flynn's Arcade opens tonight at DCA's ElecTRONica

Also, check out the design and finished product of the collectible Flynn's Arcade tokens available at ElecTRONica beginning this weekend:

Flynn's Aracde token designs for DCA's ElecTRONica

View finished Flynn's Arcade tokens from DCA's Electronica

Viral preview of TRON:LEGACY music track by Daft Punk rezzes up on soundtrack website

September 27 2010 — The program running behind the TRON:LEGACY soundtrack website just sent FilmEdge another digital news dispatch, giving instructions on finding a hidden embedded music track by Daft Punk you can preview now. Here are the short steps needed to listen to this preview music track from TRON:LEGACY:

Visit the MTV Buzzworthy Blog to obtain the secret code "derezzed".

Now visit the TRON:LEGACY Soundtrack website. Click on the center icon image to enter the site. Click anywhere outside the illuminated border line on the page — though no entry field pops up, type "derezzed" and the Daft Punk music track begins playing immediately. No media controller is available for this hidden track, but you can play it again by retyping the command again after clicking outside the border.

And if you haven't already seen the site's other Easter Egg we reported about earlier this month, (right)click somewhere on the page or use your browser toolbar to view the page source and see a hidden ASCII message from Kevin Flynn.

As we noted in last night's late blog update, the TRON:LEGACY soundtrack is available for pre-order from the official soundtrack site in two formats:

Deluxe Pre-Order version includes -

>Physical Digipak CD

>Digital download of album in high quality MP3 (320 KBPS) on November 22nd.

>New song download to be revealed & delivered soon

>EXCLUSIVE movie-sized poster of DAFT PUNK only available by purchasing on TronSoundtrack.com

Digital Pre-Order version includes -

>Digital download of album in high quality mp3 (320 KBPS) on November 22nd

>New song download to be revealed & delivered soon

TRON:LEGACY soundtrack website countsdown to new track, poster downloads and pre-order

September 27 2010 — A late night update from the TRON:LEGACY Soundtrack site reveals more info on its release date and a couple countdowns to reveal digital download treats.

The TRON:LEGACY soundtrack rezzes up for CD and download purchase on November 22nd, and both are offered as pre-orders on the website. But a pre-order of the CD Digipack also includes an exclusive Daft Punk film poster and a high-quality digital download copy of the soundtrack.

Click to enter the TRON:LEGACY soundtrack website

Both pre-order options also include current countdowns to the download of a "New Track" to be revealed soon, and an image of the Daft Punk film poster is also decoding with a countdown to end on October 10th.

If you haven't already done so, be sure to register your email with the TRON: LEGACY soundtrack site to get their feed on new updates. FilmEdge will keep you posted on soundtrack news.

First look at ElecTRONica concept art of portal to exclusive TRON:LEGACY 3D preview at DCA

September 22 2010 — Robin Trowbridge, Entertainment Show Director at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim unveiled the first peek at many promised preview images and details of ElecTRONica, the TRON:LEGACY theme event which opens at Disney's California Adventure on October 8th. The first image is concept art of the portal design through which park guests will get an exclusive sneak peek at TRON:LEGACY in 3D:

Click for full-size image of ElecTRONica concept art of TRON:LEGACY 3D sneak peek

Watch for more ElecTRONica previews for TRON:LEGACY in 3D coming soon! Image via the Disney Parks blog.

Jeff Bridges new Kevin Flynn banner joins the TRON LEGACY collection for high-res download

September 17 2010 — FilmEdge just added the new high-resolution Kevin Flynn banner to our Downloads Sector, joining the Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde banners. This completes the tryptich of character posters for Kevin Flynn, Quorra and Sam Flynn, all available for downloading now.

TRON:LEGACY soundtrack website launches with mailing list signup and some hidden treats

Sept 08 2010 — Late on Tuesday, a new website devoted to the TRON:LEGACY soundtrack was launched, and though it contains minimal information — aside from signing up for the mailing list — though it links to the official Tron Facebook page and website. There are a couple of fun 'hidden' items on the site: note the sequence in which the color bars appear above the ENCOM logo and with some correct clicks you can reveal Daft Punk's name; and if you view the source code of the site page, you'll see the spirit of Kevin Flynn lives! http://www.tronsoundtrack.com/

TRON:LEGACY soundtrack website launches - click to go to site

ElecTRONica concept art of TRON: LEGACY rezzing up at Disney's California Adventure in October

Sept 01 2010 — Beginning October 8th, the virtual world of TRON: LEGACY will rez up at Disney's California Adventure theme park as ElecTRONica, and here's your preview of concept art of this digital makeover. The Hollywood Picture Backlot area of the Anaheim park will transform at night into a glowing virtual representation of Tron City, the neon-hued metropolis seen in the upcoming film. Skylights will beam into the night sky while a giant Recognizer hovers over the plaza dance floor, and glowing Light Cycles will stream colorful trails across the facades of attractions, shops and eateries.

This fall, ElecTRONica takes over Disney's California Adventure

The sights and sounds of TRON: LEGACY transform HPB in an unprecedented experience of dance music and interactive entertainment, including a meticulous recreation of Flynn's Arcade from the fim to get your gaming on. Live music entertainers will set the beat with glowing apparel accessories as laser displays provide TRON-style flash to the festivities. The youngest programs can enjoy face painting fun while serious gamers will flock to the interactive TRON: Evolution Video Game sector to preview this upcoming console adventure.

TRON: LEGACY Light Cycles, Recognizers, lights and music will transform Disney's California Adventure this Fall

ElecTRONica will rez up each Friday, Saturday and Sunday night this Fall, with week-long TRON-ification to enjoy during Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks, but you'll only get to step into the world of TRON: LEGACY at Disney's California Adventure before the feature film opens in theaters December 17th!  Concept art courtesy of the Disney Parks Blog.

TRON: LEGACY Comic-Con recap, photos and video on LA Times' Hero Complex blog

Aug 29 2010 — After Jay West let FilmEdge preview his video interview with Garrett Hedlund yesterday, he's now published his full Comic-Con 2010 recap on TRON: LEGACY on the LA Times' Hero Complex blog, and it's definitely worth reading.

The cast and crew of TRON: LEGACY at the Comic-Con 2010 panel

West reviews the cast and crew revelations inside Hall H at Disney's TRON: LEGACY panel, streams the humorous Pop Culture reel with clips of all the TV shows and social references to TRON over the years, and covers the massive promotional effort put into TRON: LEGACY's Alternate Reality Game designed by 42 Entertainment. This culminates in Jay's first-person experiences and video inside the End of Line club party at Flynn's Arcade (all advancing the ARG as well). It's highly recommended reading, so check it out.

Garrett Hedlund interview from Comic-Con shared by Hero Complex blogger Jay West

Aug 28 2010 — Hero Complex blogger for the Los Angeles Times, Jay West, shared his newly uploaded interview with TRON: LEGACY star Garrett Hedlund, taped at the massive Comic-Con event in San Diego. Watch as Hedlund receives his own one-of-a-kind action figure of his character Sam Flynn, dressed in a glowing game-grid suit.

TRON:LEGACY star Garrett Hedlund poses with his action figure at Comic-Con 2010

Hedlund also tells West about his professional and personal inspiration working with Jeff Bridges in the TRON sequel, playing the alienated son of Bridges' Kevin Flynn, reprised from the 1982 film.

Jay West, a longtime TRON fan, also contributes to Tron-Sector.com.

Breaking Rumor: Bruce Boxleitner confirms original TRON to be released on Blu-ray in November?

Aug 28 2010 — Tron-Sector reports breaking news out of Canada's Sci-Fi Fan Expo today that actor Bruce Boxleitner confirmed the original 1982 cult hit TRON will finally get its Blu-ray release this November. Currently FilmEdge cannot confirm such news with any hard data from Walt Disney Studios, and no mention of TRON appears on their latest Home Entertainment release schedule, so we're filing this story under Hi-Res Rumors until we get official details.

Whenever Steven Lisberger's groundbreaking film finally does see the laser light of Blu-ray, it's sure to be in high demand. TRON, last seen on Disney's two-disc 20th Anniversary DVD edition in 2002, has since gone in home video hibernation until a new HD transfer began airing in limited runs on HDNet Movies channel in the past year.

This appeared a natural prelude to TRON's eventual Blu-ray release, but then again George Lucas' STAR WARS films have been screening in high-def on SpikeTV for months and they won't land on Blu-ray until 2011. So a cable-aired HD transfer doesn't guarantee an impending Blu release either.

The interest and demand are there and will only grow with this Deember's theatrical sequel release TRON: LEGACY, but the question remains exactly when TRON will rez up on Blu-ray? FilmEdge will stay on top of this story and post hard details and Blu-ray specs when officially released.

Video recap of the TRON:LEGACY sights and sounds from Comic-Con 2010

Aug 06 2010 — Jay West, contributor to the Los Angeles Times Hero Complex blog and long-time TRON fan, shared this preview of his upcoming coverage of the crowd-drawing sights and sounds of TRON: LEGACY at Comic-Con 2010. It combines video footage shot at Flynn's Arcade fan event, Flynn's secret lab and the End of Line club, plus trailer clips and gameplay footage from the TRON: EVOLUTION video game and more:

Star-studded TRON: LEGACY photo album from Comic-Con 2010 now online

July 22 2010 — View 25 new official photos from the TRON: LEGACY panel and press junket at Comic-Con, courtesy of Disney.  The stars of TRON: LEGACY — Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner, Garrett Hedlun, Olivia WIlde and Michael Sheen — join director Joe Kosinski and Disney studio executives greeting the fans and reporters crowding Hall H in San Diego today. 

TRON: LEGACY theatrical trailer debuts in 3D at Comic-Con - Watch it now on FilmEdge

July 22 2010 — Disney just unveiled the new TRON: LEGACY theatrical trailer at Comic-Con in 3D, and have now released the trailer via Yahoo for you to watch below.  FilmEdge will get you unbranded trailer files from Disney as soon as available.

Watch now in 720p HD on FilmEdge.

Photo preview of large Recognizer vehicle prop as Comic-Con TRON: LEGACY countdown nears

July 21 2010 — Our friend Jay West is covering Comic-Con in San Diego this week and he's already sent a cool new photo of a large-size Recognizer prop constructed for Disney's TRON: LEGACY promotion, which will debut at the event tonight. Get a preview of this massive prop vehicle:

Large-size Recognizer vehicle prop ready to debut for TRON: LEGACY at Comic-Con tonight

Screen grab from the FlynnLives.com Identity Raid countdown clock for Comic-Con

Meanwhile, the FlynnLives Identity Raid countdown is just hours from expiring (approximately 11:30am PT in the middle of the TRON: LEGACY panel at Comic-Con on Thursday). Featuring cast and crew from the film including director Joe Kosinsky, stars Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, Michael Sheen and Bruce Boxleitner, the panel is also expected to debut all-new 3D footage from the film — possibly at the 11:30am countdown zero-hour we all await. Some sites are reporting that a new TRON: LEGACY trailer will debut instead, but all our sources to this point indicate new footage being unveiled instead — unless of course Disney surprises fans with both!  Stay tuned to FilmEdge as we cover breaking TRON: LEGACY news all week from Comic-Con.

 Disney boots up free iPhone mobile game ready to download and evolve in your handheld

July 19 2010 — Disney Interactive Studios released their free handheld TRON game for iPhone and iTouch mobile devices (no iPad-specific release yet but stay tuned) on Sunday, placing you on the mini-game grid just in time for that long Hall H line at Comic-Con. But the TRON: LEGACY themed app offers more than gaming action: it's also a multimedia platform previewing TRON: LEGACY the feature film with the awesome teaser trailer, and it also screens the newest trailer for the upcoming TRON: Evolution console video game. View five screencap images from the app in our initial review.

Olivia Wilde Disc-thrower Appears in New TRON LEGACY Banner

July 16 2010 — New billboard art of Olivia Wilde's character Quorra wielding her identity disc has been released by Disney. It's good ot know that this "close confidant" of Flynn's will be playing an active role in events on the game grid. Grab this new hi-res art by clicking the image below.

Download new Olivia Wilde TRON LEGACY billboard art

Players completing all 32 levels of TRON Circuit Cycles are receiving pack of 7 Flynn Lives ARG postcards

July 14 2010 — The TRON: LEGACY viral marketing program Flynn Lives announced tonight, via it's Facebook profile, that fans who play the new Circuit Cycles online arcade game at the ENCOM Games Japan website and complete all 32 levels are finding a nice package in their mailboxes: a collectible set of all seven Flynn Lives postcards.

Gamers who complete all 32 levels of Circuit Cycles are receiving this collector setof 7 TRON: LEGACY arcade postcards

This all culminates from the latest phase of play in the TRON: LEGACY alternate reality game (ARG), which had fans scrambling to decode hidden dot messages on received postcards. Fans received one of four different style postcards depicting classic arcade games designed by Kevin Flynn, the protagonist in 1982′s TRON who returns to the big screen this December in Disney's high-tech sequel. Earlier this week, FilmEdge received a fifth postcard design which along with a sixth design finally broke the coded message across all cards, spelling out the URL of the new ENCOM Japan website.

The complete list of Flynn Lives postcard game designs are: Vice Squad, D-Con 4, Astro Gunner, Space Paranoids, Kraz-Bot, Arc Wars and Circuit Cycles.

Yet the excitement around TRON: LEGACY is only building as Disney prepares to turn next week's Comic-Con event into Comi-TRON with an all-star panel from the film appearing in Hall H on Thursday. Flynn's Arcade, which was first resurrected at last year's Comic-Con, returns again fully charged for fans to attend and learn more about this highly-anticipated sci-fi sequel.

FilmEdge helps break the FlynnLives viral postcard code - new ENCOM site and online game discovered

Solving TRON postcard code leads to new viral site and online gameJuly 12 2010 — A busy day of TRON: LEGACY viral marketing news as FilmEdge got a bit out front of the game when we received our second FlynnLives arcade game postcard with new message code.

The result of decoding the new clue resulted in access to a new TRON viral website, a new online game 'Circuit Cycles' to play and earn FlynnLives badges, and a new countdown to Comic-Con.

Recap our day's breaking news here on FilmEdge's coverage of TRON: LEGACY.

New Images of TRON: LEGACY Toys Now Available for Pre-Order

TRON: LEGACY toys and collectibles available for pre-order nowJuly 11 2010 — Disney Consumer Products added a couple new images of their TRON: LEGACY merchandise including better images of the Tron-themed headphones, console game controllers and vehicles.

Meanwhile, new images of specific products have now shown up on the Entertainment Earth collectibles outlet, including shots of die cast vehicles, playset cases, racing sets and prop replicas.  Better still, all these TRON: LEGACY items are available for pre-order now, with most items shipping this October... a full two months before the film opens in theaters!

Preview these new toys and collectibles now on FilmEdge.net.

Empire Mag Posts Exclusive TRON: LEGACY Photos

New photo of Kevin Flynn in TRON:LEGACY via Empire OnlineJuly 08 2010 — EmpireOnline has posted some exclusive new still photos from TRON: LEGACY, previewing their August cover story on Disney's high-tech 3D reboot sequel.

Leading the way is this ultra cool new look at star Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn in his futurist garb for the virtual world of Tron. More stills capture moments seen in the teaser trailer, including a diving disc gamer, the mammoth next-gen Recognizer, Sam Flynn, and the four-wheel Light Runnner vehicle racing a LightCycle.

Be sure to check out their twin cover designs featuring the film as well.

Daft Punk's TRON: LEGACY soundtrack drops November 23

July 06 2010 — Daft Punk's upcoming original score for TRON: LEGACY will be released on November 23, 2010, dropping nearly a full month before the feature film speeds into theaters on a 3D LightCycle December 17th. Preview the details available and sign up for release notification.

Second TRON: LEGACY Set Visit Yields Encouraging Data

July 06 2010 — ComingSoon has the goods in Part 2 of their TRON: LEGACY set visit just blogged late tonight, featuring some great (but not game spoiling) insights into the production's culture of creativity . . . and close-fitting costumes (again!). Preview some very insightful quotes from the cast and link up to this detailed article as added evidence that this film will be a highlight of 2010.

FilmEdge receives Arc Wars postcard from ENCOM as TRON: LEGACY viral campaign reboots

June 30 2010 — Disney may have paused the viral game this past month, but their reboot is in full effect as Comic-Con nears as the marketing campaign for TRON: LEGACY resumes. Today FilmEdge received a vintage-looking Arc Wars arcade game postcard from the FlynnLives viral game program.  View hi-res scans of the card and link up to the players attempting to decipher the hidden code found on the card.

TRON: LEGACY Banners rez up in San Diego for Comic-Con next month

June 29 2010 — Disney's not waiting for Comic-Con 2010 to open before launching its marketing blitz for TRON: LEGACY as the studio and film make their third consecutive appearance at the event this July.  Check out the hi-res photo of the Kevin Flynn banner

Disney reveals photo previews of cutting-edge TRON: LEGACY merchandise for Fall 2010

June 22 2010 — Disney Consumer Products dropped a data-packed press release and photo gallery of upcoming TRON: LEGACY merchandise coming this fall, ranging from illuminated, face-projecting action figures to glowing keyboards and game controllers, wall-climbing zero-G LightCycles, iPod docks, headphones, apparel and more. Preview it all here before you can see it at Comic-Con! 

ComiTRON takes over Comic-Con International 2010 in San Diego on July 22nd!

June 17 2010 — Disney unveiled more details about their ComiTRON experience at this summer's Comic-Con International expo in July, the third consecutive year the studio will promote TRON: LEGACY at the San Diego convention.  Get full details on the Hall H panel with filmmakers and stars, sneak previews of the film, and exclusive news about the TRON: Evolution video game, Comic-Con collectibles and more.   

New TRON LEGACY billboard art of Disc Gamer released by Disney

New TRON LEGACY billboard art of a disc gamerJune 02 2010 — A preview of new TRON LEGACY billboard art has appeared — for the moment unofficial but if it's real, expect Disney to release a nice hi-res image to us soon. This nice image of a disc slinger offers just a taste of the next-generation games which will debut on the grid in Joseph Kosinski's highly anticipated sequel coming this December

UPDATE: the official Disney-released banner art is in our Download Sector now.

New Hi-Res TRON LEGACY concept art and renders revealed at Hello Flynn viral website

View new hi-res artwork and sketches from TRON LEGACYMay 08 2010 — Players of the newly launched Space Paranoids online arcade-style game quickly discovered there was more to this site than blasting Recognizers off the game grid!  Of course its launch signaled a new phase of the intricate, mind-blowing TRON LEGACY viral publicity campaign which is redefining the future ARG (Alternate Reality Game) promotions.

Codes hidden in Space Paranoids Online allow players to access Kevin Flynn's private server to unlock high-resolution image files and animation clips of Flynn's next-gen evolution of the Tron world.  View the latest TRON LEGACY image gallery found on Kevin Flynn's workstation.

FilmEdge Has New TRON LEGACY Hi-Res LightRunner Vehicle Art for Download

Download the new TRON LEGACY LightRunner vehicle art in hi-resMay 03 2010 — Disney sent FilmEdge this new TRON LEGACY art of the the LightRunner, the new four-wheel vehicle briefly glimpsed in the teaser trailer and seen here racing ahead of a LightCycle in the virtual world of Tron. 

Grab this new hi-res banner image of the LightRunner car by visiting our Downloads Sector.

Where is Sam Flynn?  New TRON LEGACY Viral Sites Start the Hunt + Countdown to Space Paranoids Online Game

Click to view the Space Paranoids online game trailerApril 28 2010 — The TRON LEGACY viral campaign shifted into a new gear recently, teasing fans with a countdown to the online debut of Space Paranoids by starting a manhunt for Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund).  Only 7 days and counting until Space Paranoids goes online!

Your manhunt begins on the FlynnLives.com discussion board, where a new topic post gives another vintage newspaper clue to Sam's history.  Scan the article for standout items of interest and Google the result.  Investigate (search) this website for more info on Sam and you'll find a very subtle clue about his interests that relates directly back to the newspaper article.  Pursue this new clue in Sam's records and with some work you'll eventually find a new viral site.  Look VERY carefully for clues on this page "as you first see it" (hint!) and you'll eventually decipher Sam's exact location!

A padlock puzzle awaits players at a new viral site which you'll have to pick your way into Sam's locker to get important clues to reveal the Space Paranoids countdown site URL as you study Sam's stored items.

FilmEdge won't give away the correct combination but we'll preview what you'll see before and after you unlock the secret:

Pick this lock for clues to find Sam FlynnA preview of clues awaiting in Sam's Locker

When you do reach the URL of the Space Paranoids countdown clock, er . . . have some fun in the spirit of Kevin Flynn's game (hint hint!).  Do it at least 99 times and you'll earn a new TRON LEGACY viral badge too!  You'll also get to enjoy some tunes from Daft Punk, the electronic rock-funk band appearing on the TRON LEGACY soundtrack.

FilmEdge has Sam's current location entered now and we'll see where the hunt takes us next!  We hope you fellow fans will have as much fun tracking Sam as we are!

ENCOM Debuts Space Paranoids Online Game Teaser Trailer

Click to view the Space Paranoids online game trailerApril 15 2010 — As announced by Alan Bradley himself and reported from Wondercon earlier this month, ENCOM will soon release an online version of Space Paranoids, their classic early-1980s video game now updated and expanded for internet players.

Navigate virtual canyons in your tank through the world of Tron, destroying enemy red tanks and flying Recognizers.  Based on the new teaser trailer, the online version of Space Paranoids is a high-tech blend of classic Tron-era design and look with modern internet functionality.

Watch the Space Paranoids online game teaser trailer now on FilmEdge.

TRON LEGACY Viral Updates with Newspaper Clippings on Discussion Forum

Click to view the Base Jumper article on Sam FlynnRead newspaper article on Sam Flynn's skydiving stuntsApril 11 2010 — The (faux) discussion forums at FlynnLives.com have reported that ENCOM security has finally detected the fan-based incursion of the corporation's intranet site and shut down hacker access to executive-level Group 1 and 3 accounts, which Zack at ArcadeAid.com had infiltrated for fan use.  But Zack has archived the exec account information for continued review at www.flynnlives.com/encomintranetarchive to keep the TRON LEGACY viral campaign flowing.

Two new discussion threads have also yielded newspaper clippings recounting Sam Flynn's (Garrett Hedlund) past history of skydiving stunts, predating his daring drop into the ENCOM press conference at Wondercon last Friday night.  The most recent article documents his 2007 jump into an undisclosed corporate event (presumably ENCOM again), and another undated clipping reports the mystery jumper's leap from atop a skyscraper which hosts the exclusive Trejelo Club (sounds like another wealthy executive global leader enclave). 

This latter article also describes the '89' design of the jumper's parachute, which fans know by now is a direct link to Sam Flynn who adopted the logo in tribute to his father Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), who disappeared in 1989 amid corporate controversies at ENCOM.  Sam even uses this logo as his FlynnLives.com forum avatar image under the user name EightyNine4ever. Recent events like the TRON LEGACY teaser trailer and Wondercon press conference also heavily imply that Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner) remains sympathetic to Sam's cause to find his father, and indeed may be secretly helping young Flynn from within ENCOM to complete his quest.

FilmEdge expects this emphasis on Sam's skydiving skills to play a part in his actions during the TRON LEGACY film opening this December, just as his setup as a motocycle rider will crossover into his LightCycle gaming on the grid.  Why else go to these great lengths — including the very treacherous skydive into Wondercon on a windy San Francisco night — to establish Sam's high-altitude hijinx?  We're guessing Sam won't have to jump down into the MCP like his father Kevin did in 1982's TRON, but exactly how Sam's skydiving prowess might pay off in the film we don't yet know.

Flynn Lives Supporters Wondercon Rally Video

April 7 2010 — FlynnLives.com has uploaded video of the Flynn Lives pre-meeting rally before the ENCOM press conference at Wondercon last weekend.  This Operation Tron event gathered a couple hundred TRON LEGACY fans wearing their Flynn Lives t-shirts and forged ENCOM employee ID badges, ready to infiltrate the press conference by Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner) as mutli-layered parts of Disney's ARG viral campaign.  Organizing one fan event to 'interrupt' another is some fun, in-depth viral marketing!  Have a look at the video to see the team leader prepping Kevin Flynn supporters for their mission.   

TRON LEGACY Screenwriters Already Starting on Sequel

April 7 2010 — News has broken that the two screenwriters of TRON LEGACY, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, have already begun work on writing a sequel adventure to this December's upcoming 3D film.  According to the Heat Vision blog report, it's too early for details on the story though insiders suggest the scribes are attempting to work the events of TRON LEGACY into a possible trilogy of stories.

Of course we have no clue if TRON LEGACY will be a box office success, but Disney's move to start their writers on a next film this far in advance implies the studio's high level of faith in the franchise continues.  Director Joseph Kosinski and the cast including Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund and Bruce Boxleitner have the standard sequel appearance options in their contracts, according to THR's report, but no returning deals have been inked yet.  All story options remain open for the proposed sequel/second act of a trilogy: will a follow-up film continue with the main characters while straddling the real and virtual worlds, or will the next chapter focus on new adventures in the digital world of Tron alone?  FilmEdge will continue following developments as they happen.

Operation Tron Provides Video Clips from Wondercon — ENCOM Press Conference and Sam Flynn's Skydive

April 3 2010 — The Flynn Lives movement updated fans and followers on their infilatration ENCOM's press conference at Wondercon Friday night.  As speculated, a video appeared online hours later confirming that Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) himself was the mystery skydiver who jumped out of the helicoper and made a death-defying landing behind the ENCOM stage.  Photos and two video clips of the event are now available at the Operation Tron overview page now online at FlynnLives.com.

Live Video from Wondercon — TRON LEGACY ENCOM Press Conference Update

Cindy Morgan returns to the world of TRON at Wondercon's ENCOM press conferenceApril 2 2010 — UPDATED If you were online to watch streaming video from the ENCOM Press Conference at Wondercon tonight, you saw Alan Bradley himself (Bruce Boxleitner) addressing the crowd (largely of disguised Flynn Lives supporters) about ENCOM's newest products, soon joined by his wife, none other than Cindy Morgan in a surprising return to her role as Lora Baines.  FilmEdge couldn't verify from the blurry streaming video feed that this was actually Cindy on stage but photos on the Tron Legacy Facebook profile confirmed it — Cindy Morgan is back (in some yet unknown capacity) in the larger world of TRON!Don't miss reading our recent exclusive interview with Cindy Morgan in which she discusses the past and future of TRON, her upcoming book and much more.

Bradley's major followed that a new updated version of the high-tech corporation's most popular arcade/video game SPACE PARANOIDS will soon debut in an online launch!  We suspect this is both part of the ever-expanding TRON LEGACY viral marketing campaign and a playable stand-alone online browser-based game as well.  Attending fans received SPACE PARANOID pins which apparently had a holographic sticker containing a code which can be redeemed at players' FlynnLives.com profile for an achievement badge in the ongoing viral game.

Bradley assured fans that not only the spirit of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) lives on in ENCOM and its products, but Bradley insisted that programmers use Flynn's original game code for SPACE PARANOIDS in creating this updated hybrid edition for online play.  Hmmm, that sure sounds like a big clue in the next round of the viral campaign! 

No details were given out on when or where the game will launch — FilmEdge has found no new links or sites at FlynnLives.com, ENCOM International or other viral websites, but Bradley indicated this new era would launch tonight (maybe he meant the press conference announcement tonight and not necessarily the game's online debut).

We do know this: SPACE PARANOIDS online will feature 15 new levels of play never seen before in previous/classic versions of the game.

The press conference did leave at least one other mystery unresolved: when concluding his remarks, Bradley appeared to be introducing someone or something else . . . and nothing happened.  [Boxleitner laughed to himself, saying "I knew this was going to happen" which didn't sound like part of the ENCOM press conference script].  Some awkward pauses followed and the ENCOM emcee took the stage to say the conference was over and escorted Bradley and wife offstage.  The Flynn Lives undercover operatives took the stage and did their thing, chanting "Flynn lives!" with the crowd as their flyer logo blasted across the LED screen.

After some delay, a helicopter buzzed the crowd overhead and after a few passes, someone parachuted out of the helicopter and with some fancy steering landed backstage right behind the press conference area!  The live video feed narrator indicated this person got in a car and left the scene.  Was this supposed to have happened while Bradley was on stage ending his speech?  The area had been buffeted by strong cold winds all evening and perhaps the weather delayed this apparent stunt.  If so, who was the mystery skydiver and why did he not appear on stage — was this supposed to be Kevin Flynn himself?  Or maybe his son Sam?

Frankly, we can't tell at this point since the fan event seemed to end without a conclusion.  FilmEdge will keep watch for news and updates on this viral event to clarify the story better for you.

Live Video from Wondercon — FlynnLives Group Infiltrates ENCOM Press Conference

April 2 2010 — If you can't attend the Flynn Lives infiltration of the ENCOM Press Conference held in conjunction with Wondercon tonight, watch this live video feed via Ustream, courtesy of "Hazado."  Just click the right-pointing Play arrow UNDER the video image to play in this window -- pressing the large play arrow in the video image opens a new browser at Ustream:

Free TV Show from Ustream


Operation Tron is on at Wondercon Tonight — FlynnLives Group to Infiltrate ENCOM Press Conference

April 2 2010 — Supporters of Kevin Flynn and the Flynn Lives movement are activating fans to join them in Operation Tron, their mission: to infiltrate tonight's ENCOM press conference being held in conjuction with this weekend's Wondercon event:

Our movement has crisscrossed the globe from London to Toronto, New York to Sydney, Chicago to Paris - but, our next meet-up is playing out right here in California... and it's going to be big.

You can't miss this - we're facing off with Encom International and taking down their press conference on April 2nd, 8pm, at the Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco. The Flynn Lives pre-meeting will start at 6:30pm at the Hyatt Regency Grand Ballroom at 5 Embarcadero Center.


Together, we will show the world that video game creator and TRON visionary Kevin Flynn may be gone, but he's not forgotten.

For more information, go to OperationTron.com

Wondercon attendees: make SURE you bring your forged ENCOM ID badges to the Flynn Lives pre-meeting and wear something to cover your Flynn Lives t-shirt.  Here's the strategy for tonight:

Flynn Lives will be amassing at 6:30pm at the Hyatt Regency, in the Grand Ballroom, 5 Embarcadero Center (right next to Justin Herman Plaza).

Wear your Flynn Lives t-shirts (if you do not currently possess a t-shirt, we will be distributing them in the Ballroom)

Gather, march, bide our time, get loud!

After we lay out our strategies in the pre-meeting, we will all head over to the press conference in stealth mode (jackets covering our t-shirts, badges displayed – we’ll look like every other Encom drone). Then, we’ll listen to what Alan Bradley has to say about Encom’s latest product (could be cool – let’s cut him some slack). When the moment is right, we’ll all remove our jackets to reveal that our allegiance lies with Kevin Flynn. That’s when one of our members will take the stage as we chant our mantra in unison: FLYNN LIVES! FLYNN LIVES! FLYNN LIVES!!

FilmEdge encourages fans to download and print these flyers to help spread the word to other Kevin Flynn supporters.  Unfortunately FilmEdge can't attend Wondercon this weekend, but we'll be tracking news and updates from the Flynn Lives activity.  To those of you who will be at Wondercon, do your best in representing the spirit of Kevin Flynn that's still out there waiting to be found.

Print these Flynn Lives flyers for the ENCOM press conference at Wondercon this weekend

Hacking Into ENCOM — New Viral Site and TRON LEGACY Wondercon Press Release

Mar 26 2010 — Today FilmEdge received ENCOM's official press release announcing Alan Bradley's introduction of a new ENCOM International product in conjunction with the Wondercon event April 2nd in San Francisco (where actor Bruce Boxleitner will appear to launch a new phase of the TRON LEGACY viral campaign as Bradley):



WHAT: Newly-minted Encom Executive Consultant Alan Bradley will introduce the latest addition to the Encom International product library.

WHERE: Justin Herman Plaza
1 Market Street [at The Embarcadero]
San Francisco, CA 94101

WHEN: Friday, April 2nd - 8:00pm/PST

Newly-minted Executive Consultant Alan Bradley will introduce the latest addition to the Encom International product library on April 2 in San Francisco.

Software giant Encom ushered in the digital age with an unrivaled library of gaming titles, including "Space Paranoids" and "Tron". Now, Encom International circles the globe with advanced software systems that include communications, sports, entertainment, navigation, agricultural, health care, construction, weather, military and governmental applications on every continent.

Bradley began his career with Encom as a security systems engineer and rose through the ranks to be named CEO in the early 1990s. When he exited the executive suite, he took on a far greater role. His visionary research turned Encom into the industry leader in sustainable production and distribution methods -- methods which are now the best practices for technology companies around the world. "Whether the challenge is to establish communications in a national disaster, or keep kids engaged as they battle Recognizers, I love what I do. Encom will always be my home. "

CEO Kurt Hardington sums it up this way: "Alan's new title and role reflect his unique position as part of the Encom story. He keeps us grounded, yet he's the first to move forward when technology takes us in a new direction. That's why he's perfect to present our newest product - it's where we've come from and where we're going."

Alan Bradley will take the stage at 8pm in Justin Herman Plaza on April 2 to unveil the next generation in Encom innovation.

TRON LEGACY fans hack into ENCOMBut that was only the start of revelations in TRON LEGACY's ongoing viral campaign which saw another new development in the past 24 hours:

We also learned that the current ENCOM exes have a serious grudge against Alan Bradley too, expressing via emails and memos their envy of his recent front-lines promotion as the face of ENCOM, their attempts to sabotage his advancement in and for the company, and a growing distrust of Alan as associated with the Flynn Lives movement.

They fear the resurging legacy of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) will drain power from the corporate 'money people' and return it to the creative types like Bradley and Flynn.  Clearly the corporate ghost of Dillinger still haunts the power-seekers within ENCOM.

ENCOM exec Kurt Hardington's remote desktop Players of the TRON LEGACY viral games are familiar with Zack from ArcadeAid who secretly works with FlynnLives.com sympathizers to expose the secrets hidden within ENCOM in hopes that the mystery behind Kevin Flynn's disappearance can be solved and his next-gen computer developments will be released.  It now appears that Alan Bradley continues to support this movement quietly and secretly from within ENCOM. 

Zack created a new viral site at ArcadeAid.com/cheatcode/ allowed fans to hack into the accounts of ENCOM's five top executives to reveal the inner politics and schemes behind the corporate conspiracy against Kevin Flynn and his legacy in the company.  Use Zack's cheatcode page to enter the names of ENCOM's top executives and decrypt their user IDs and passwords to gain access to their Intranet accounts in the company system.

Take your time reading through their emails while paying special attention to those of ENCOM's CEO Kurt Hardington and you'll find a note from IT personnel which links you to Kurt's remote access desktop.  There you can access his chat log including a video conference strategizing his secret campaign against Bradley, along with a letter from a legal firm whose review found no "loopholes" in Bradley's ENCOM contract as Hardington apparently hoped to find.  Be sure to poke around Hardington's monthly expense report (in excess of $78,000!) which includes some curious entries, an ENCOM branding research slideshow presentation file, and some personal notes.  Many features are not yet activated on Hardington's remote desktop, so check back on those in case 'the guys in IT' activate them soon to provide more clues to the corporate skullduggery behind the move to oust Alan Bradley.

FilmEdge will continue following the TRON LEGACY viral campaign and looks forward to more revelations from Wondercon next weekend. 

As Predicted, ENCOM Schedules Wondercon Press Conference with Alan Bradley in Person

Mar 25 2010 — As FilmEdge predicted in our March 17th article below, TRON LEGACY's viral campaign will be present at the Wondercon event April 2-4 in San Francisco.  ENCOM will present an 'unscheduled' press conference with none other than Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner) appearing in person, discussing the future of ENCOM and presumably the next step in the film's viral game.  Here's ENCOM's official press release:



March 24th, 2010

Newly-minted Executive Consultant Alan Bradley will introduce the latest addition to the Encom International product library on April 2 in San Francisco.

Software giant Encom ushered in the digital age with an unrivaled library of gaming titles. Now, Encom International circles the globe with advanced software systems that include communications, sports, entertainment, navigation, agricultural, health care, construction, weather, military and governmental applications on every continent.

Bradley began his career with Encom as a security systems engineer and rose through the ranks to be named CEO in the early 1990s. When he exited the executive suite, he took on a far greater role. His visionary research turned Encom into the industry leader in sustainable production and distribution methods -- methods which are now the best practices for technology companies around the world. "Whether the challenge is to establish communications in a national disaster, or keep kids engaged as they battle Recognizers, I love what I do. Encom will always be my home. "

CEO Kurt Hardington sums it up this way: "Alan's new title and role reflect his unique position as part of the Encom story. He keeps us grounded, yet he's the first to move forward when technology takes us in a new direction. That's why he's perfect to present our newest product – it's where we've come from and where we're going."

Alan Bradley will take the stage at 8pm in Justin Herman Plaza on April 2 to unveil the next generation in Encom innovation.

Of course Disney nor Entertainment 42, the creative group running the TRON LEGACY viral campaign, are giving away what will happen at this presentation: will they present a new film clip or debut a new still image, or will Bradley's appearance launch a new phase in fans' current mission to infiltrate ENCOM to discover the truth behind Kevin Flynn's disappearance?  FilmEdge is guessing the latter game phase launch will occur, and if so, be sure to wear your ENCOM ID badges at Wondercon and the ENCOM press conference in case you can earn a new participation badge for your gamer profile!   Also, have a look at IGN's exclusive video interview with Alan Bradley:

FilmEdge Receives our ENCOM Employee ID Badge - Logging in to ENCOM International

Mar 17 2010 — FlynnLives.com is now sending out ID badges for those TRON LEGACY viral campaign players who completed the Arcade Aid game and registered to infiltrate ENCOM.  The contents of the package are: a high-tech, hologram-stamped ENCOM ID badge with personal Employee Identification code and Group 7 clearance, and a note from Zack at Arcade Aid who forged your ID badge.  The back of the badge warns it is for authorized use only and that "ENCOM is serious about security."  Fun stuff since players' job will be to infiltrate the corporation and find out what ENCOM is hiding behind its global tech success and image.  The badge hangs from a black ENCOM-branded lanyard with detachable clip -- quality merchandise for "only" a viral campaign, but it demonstrates how seriously Disney is taking this fan-level campaign, and it will make a fun, lasting souvenir.

FilmEdge receives ENCOM ID badge     Back of ENCOM ID badge

This badge gives you personal ID access to the ENCOM INTERNATIONAL Intranet Site login (http://www.encominternational.com/login.aspx), your personal user 'window' into the world of ENCOM.  The user login page looks fairly typical for a large corporation intranet site, featuring: Announcements & Notices on Quality Control, announcement of an upcoming ENCOM Press Conference, discouragement of personal use of company email; Group 7 Updates on yearly bonus eligibility and misuse of company expense accounts; and perhaps most importantly, your ENCOM Verbismail email inbox, which is presumably a main conduit how viral campaign information and updates will be fed to players.  Expect five emails in your box to start, from users in IT and Accounting talking about ENCOM business, a previous party plus a note from Alan Bradley himself.

I won't spoil the details — discovery and exploration is the point of these viral campaign games — but aside from some hints given, viral activites are forthcoming at this site.  But the announcement of an ENCOM Press Release in "three weeks" to be held on the west coast (with photo of San Francisco) spurs speculation: might Disney make some TRON LEGACY-related announcement at Wondercon in San Francisco April 2nd-4th?  Though it is not listed as one of the three films discussed at the Disney/Pixar panel (which are PRINCE OF PERSIA, TOY STORY 3 and THE SORCERER'S APPRENTICE), a general description does say they will present "exclusive footage from their exciting 2010 lineup", so anything's possible.  It wouldn't be a surprise if Disney mentioned it in advance, now would it?  Pure speculation, FilmEdge promises nothing, but time will tell!

If you've received your ENCOM badge, log in today and get up to speed on the campaign.  If not, keep your eyes on your snail-mailbox for your ENCOM badge and prepare to start your infiltration mission on the quest to prove that Flynn lives!

FilmEdge.net's Exclusive Interview with TRON star Cindy Morgan

FilmEdge's interview with actress Cindy MorganMarch 14 2010 — Earlier this week, FilmEdge got the opportunity to talk with actress Cindy Morgan, star of two perennial fan-favorite films, CADDYSHACK and Disney's TRON.  We enjoyed talking with Cindy about her upcoming book projects, the fan campaigns lobbying for Yori to return in the TRON LEGACY era of the franchise, and speculated on just how that might happen.

Her inviting sense of humor and continued support of her enduring, popular films and their fans prove that Cindy Morgan's still got plenty of game!  Read FilmEdge's in-depth interview with Cindy Morgan.